We would end wholesale immigration and introduce a quota system,end the right of abode for non U.K. citizens and asylum seekers in Great Britain. This is a small Island and in about 10 years we will have serious water problems, it has started now in the south of england.

Immigrants would need to have special skills that are needed in the U.K., they would also have to speak, read and write English and finally have enough money to support themselves for a year as no money, free medical or housing would be given.

Introduce visa's for any non U.K. citizen who wished to enter the country.

Have a referendum on whether to introduce identity cards for U.K.Citizens with electronic eye or finger print verification to include 4 digit secret code, this could end fraud, not only in government agencies but also for business.

All illegal immigrants who have absconded will be found and repatriated immediately, no right of appeal, any immigrant who commits a crime within the first 3 years will be sent back home after finishing his sentence