Law and Order


We will introduce a written constitution and a bill of rights, we will repeal the race and human rights laws which will not be needed.

The ending of political correctness,especially in the police force.

We will reintroduce capital punishment, hard labour and sentencing linked to payments for victims.

Life to mean life, an end to open prisons and the soft option .

Police officers to go back to patrolling the streets and given more powers to question and retain suspects, anyone found carrying a gun to be given hard labour for life

Youth correction centres to be built.

New fairer laws regarding child support to be introduced.

Drivers using mobile phones while driving to have large fine and disqualified from driving for one year.

Drivers causing death due to bad driving to be given life sentences .

 Immigrants to be deported if found guilty of crime within a period of three years.

A mans home is his castle and laws will be introduced to make sure a person can use what ever force/means necessary to protect their home and family from intruders.

Drug smugglers and dealers to be given hard labour for life and have all asset's seized .

New prisons to be built for hard labour prisoners, to work on building roads, flood defences, reservoirs.

Thieves and other offenders to be made to work in prison to repay victims for the value of goods lost and trauma suffered at a set daily work rate, and they will not be released until they repaid every penny in full, using this system the criminal will work to repay his victim and will not get out until he does so no matter how long it takes, no time off for good behavior, habitual thieves to given hard labour.

Speed camera's and traps to be discontinued they are only a means to raise money for local government.