We will reinstate marriage as the bases of the family unit, we will make it harder to divorce, children need both parents who live together.

People who wish to marry, same sex marriages to be discouraged, will have counselling and help, if needed during the first five years of married life.

Divorced people with children will have to take a DNA test to prove parentage and "spouse at fault" will pay the child support, other spouse to get full visitation rights.

If child support is being paid , and the parent looking after the children remarries or co-habits, the other parent can cease payments.

Single pregnant women will be given a paid place in a creche so that they can go back to work, the CSA will be scrapped and a fairer system introduced

We will end the use of "partner" on all government forms.

Married people will get more tax breaks and the married mans allowance will be reinstated.