The British Monarchy


We want the Monarchy to have more say in the running of our nation. The Monarch should veto any bill that takes away our sovereignty or our hard fought for rights, The sovereign swore to fight our enemies either external or internal, we have a lot of internal enemies so it is time she used her powers as head of our armed forces to protect her subjects!

 For instance the Queen is the head of the armed forces, but she cannot decide to send them to war, this is parliaments decision or so it used to be. Today, it seems, the prime minister makes this decision by himself to send our forces into war, parliament does not have a say in it!

We do not want the prime minister to be anything other than a prime minister, certainly not a dictator, and his wife, if he is married, to aspire to be " the first lady" as we have seen with the Blairs. We already have a "first lady", it is the Queen.

We feel the Queen should have a veto on what happens, not only to her forces, but to her country. It would provide a check to ambitious ministers who, for a new title or position in the new Europe, would sell away our birth right.

Great Britain, who has fought countless wars for her freedom, laws and traditions, will be taken over without a fight.

We of the Imperial party cannot allow this to happen, nor should you if you are a patriot.