The government to take over the running of pension schemes and extract investment from the stock exchange into a government fund. The government will take over all insurance business, home,car,life,business etc, in the uk and the surplus will go to pensions.

All pensioners to get a fair livable pension linked to the cost of living index ,married couples to get twice the amount of a single person and end of means testing, this coupled with free heating,no council tax,free local telephone calls,no car tax, free local bus/train passes and subsidised rent should make it comfortable for pensioners.

Government pension/saving schemes to be introduced to the young which can be set against a first house purchase.

Private Existing company pensions to have set a limit, and if company goes bust or is taken over the pension rights of the people in the fund to get priority over lenders/investors in share out

Companies who take over a pension fund will not be allowed to use any part of it other than for pensions of the workers of the company that has been taken over.

For other benifits for pensioners see our THIRD AGE.