Transport and Roads


New toll roads to be built with special lorry lanes which they cannot leave, by British companies.

Designate motorways to be North or South only roads, thereby doubling the lanes structure, this coupled with a new "road watch" which can , by means of traffic lights etc, stop vehicles joining heavily used roads until traffic flows.

All vehicles to travel at the speed limit, not below or above it,

overtaking lane to be just that, heavy fines for obstruction.

Introduce intergrated monorail/rail and bus systems in cities,

Build up British merchant fleet and intergrate rail links to carry container cargo and freight.

Car/lorry tax to be used on roads and infrastructures until abolished and revenue put on fuel, all major A roads to be duelled.

Car and lorry insurance along with personal and house insurance to be taken over by the government.

Railways to be renationalised and all stations to be linked to monorail connections.

Continental lorries to pay fuel/road tax for using British roads.

Petrol and diesel engines to be phased out ending dependance on oil, cars to electronically limited to road speed therefore ending the need for speed camera's which are only money making schemes for the government and council

new super electric/hydrogen mini town cars to be built by British car companies.

Canals to be opened up and used for transportation of goods.