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Cornish Assembly Now


“We, the People of Cornwall, must have a greater say in how we are governed. We need a Cornish Assembly that can set the right democratic priorities for Cornwall and provide a stronger voice for our communities in Britain, in Europe and throughout the wider World.” - Declaration signed by 50,000 people in 2000-2001

In 2000, MK launched the Declaration for a Cornish Assembly campaign. In less than two years, this won the support of over 50,000 people, which equates to more than 10% of the Cornish electorate. As a party, we remain proud to have initiated this campaign, which gave the people of Cornwall the opportunity to so enthusiastically demand greater control over their own future.

A Scottish Parliament, Assemblies for Wales and Northern Ireland and a London Authority have been established, but Cornwall remains the only Celtic nation within the British Isles to have no form of effective self-government.

Labour’s response has been to ignore the overwhelming public support for a Cornish Assembly. Instead, it has constructed a network of bogus unelected and unaccountable bodies such as the South West Regional Assembly and the South West Regional Development Agency, which have taken control over areas such as economic development, housing and strategic planning, further and further away from the communities of Cornwall.

Mebyon Kernow's position is that the only region for Cornwall is Cornwall. We alone have consistently and clearly stated that vision.

In addition, devolved government based on Cornwall would also create the space to allow the current functions of Cornwall Council to be devolved downwards - to councils that are based on local communities and can provide the grassroots of a living and participatory human scale democracy.

Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall is the only political party 100% united in the campaign for a Cornish Assembly.

We will:-

· Set up a legislative Cornish Assembly with powers at least equal to those of the Scottish Parliament.

· Withdraw from the South West Assembly and all other unelected quangos.

· Create a range of democratically accountable Cornish institutions to work for the people of Cornwall, including a Cornish Development Agency and an independent Cornish university.



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