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Mebyon Kernow is an internationalist and outward-looking political party. We are pro-European and reject the inward-looking agenda and jingoistic rhetoric of groups like UKIP. There is nothing positive about their attempts to foster division and disunity throughout Europe.

It is our belief that nations and regions throughout the World should work together to foster global peace and stability. Indeed, the strongest argument for working together in Europe remains the two World Wars which ripped the continent apart.

But that does not mean we are uncritical of how the EU is presently constituted. MK along with many other progressive groups is campaigning for the increased democratisation of the EU, greater transparency and increased Cornish representation.

The Europe of today is one of centralisation, limited democratic control, big business and bureaucracy. These priorities are utterly wrong and European fishing and farming policies have failed largely through the intransigence and incompetence of state governments.

Mebyon Kernow believe that sovereignty resides with the people, and that responsibility for decision-making should be retained at the most local level possible. Our compelling task is to build a decentralised Europe on this basic principle, which means we must limit the centralisation of powers both to Europe and to the current state capitals such as London and Paris. We must create a new Europe that is relevant to the needs of ordinary people.

In Mebyon Kernow's Europe of regions and historic nations, Cornwall, Wales, etc, would have a greater say in how they are governed, and would also send their own representatives to Europe in place of the indifferent ministers from London.

Mebyon Kernow is committed to:-

A democratic and accountable Europe, with a clear division of responsibilities between the different levels of government, according to the principle of subsidiarity.

A Europe that works for the Peoples of Europe, not big business.

A Europe of the Regions. The enormous cultural diversity of Europe is a strength which must be guarded, enhanced and harnessed through a constitutional recognition of its historic cultural and social regions such as Cornwall.

A Europe that uses its immense economic and political power to promote social, economic and political justice throughout the world.



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