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Mebyon Kernow the Party for Cornwall has no vested interests. We are not funded by big business or the trade unions. Our priority is the people of Cornwall, their needs and aspirations.

Many communities in Cornwall suffer real social deprivation, wages levels are low and public services receive less funding than in other parts of the UK. Children in Cornish schools receive 180 less per head than children elsewhere and Cornish communities have fewer police per head of population.

Mebyon Kernow is committed to standing up for the ordinary people of Cornwall and winning a better deal for one and all .

We will:-

Restore the link between pensions and wages, and increase the state pension to the EU average.

Guarantee free personal care for the elderly, the ill and the disabled.

Guarantee the right of the frail and vulnerable to care appropriate to their needs.

Guarantee the right of disabled people to play a full part in society.

Increase support for students. We are opposed to tuition and top-up fees, as introduced by Labour, support a return to grants for first degree courses and would reinstate the right of students to claim benefits such as housing benefit.

Help first-time buyers to gain access to affordable housing.

Guarantee the right of people to live in the community of their choice, without the threat of crime.

We are concerned that many people are not claiming the benefits to which they are entitled, such as council tax benefit and tax credits. Mebyon Kernow would institute wideranging reforms to make sure that all citizens receive the benefits which are theirs by right.



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