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Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall stands for a society based on a genuine equality of opportunity, helping people to achieve their full potential in life but with a level of social protection to provide a real and tangible safety net. We believe that society should be judged by the way it looks after the vulnerable people in our local communities and provides those basic public services that we all need to prosper.

MK is committed to a universal health service for the people of Cornwall which supplies the best possible healthcare free at the point of use. We deplore the policy of the present and recent governments which is turning the provision of a basic human right into an exercise in business management. Market forces have no place in our health service; decisions should always be taken for clinical rather than financial reasons.

We are opposed to the government’s focus on private investment and foundation hospitals, which increases inequality in healthcare provision. MK is also committed to the provision, by the state, of a just, proper and high quality education for all as of right. We do not support public funding of private institutions or the unequal funding of public educational institutions. Tory and Labour policies, which they claim lead to higher standards for all, are false and are leading to a two-tier education system.

As a party, we have long maintained that important services such as energy, water and rail should be publicly owned and publicly accountable, based on community, social need and environmental protection rather than a private system based on profit.

We are also opposed to public works being financed through the Public Finance Initiative or Public Private Partnerships, which are proving to be a bad deal for tax-payers. MK would discontinue such schemes in favour of sensible public investment which puts communities first.

Mebyon Kernow is at the forefront of all campaigns opposing the ongoing erosion of important services away from Cornwall. It is our belief that Cornwall should be served by bodies based in Cornwall and employing local people.

The people of Cornwall are presently fighting government plans to merge the control room of the Cornish Fire Service with those of the wider south west. Mebyon Kernow backs the local firemen and is committed to bringing all emergency services under local and democratic control. We are also the only political party committed to creating a Cornish police force.



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