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Mebyon Kernow is committed to effective public intervention to tackle evils in Cornish society such as unemployment and poor housing. This means that there is a need for a sufficient public resource and this in turn implies fair and redistributive taxation.

But since 1979, there has been a major shift in taxation from direct to indirect taxation. Tory and Labour reforms have meant light taxes on wealth and profit, but a financial squeeze on the poor. Income tax cuts have resulted in disproportionate gains for the well off while at the same time increases in VAT have fallen hardest upon the poorest in society. In recent years, the impact of the ever-increasing rises in council tax on the less well-off has been especially severe.

Mebyon Kernow the Party for Cornwall is committed to redressing this imbalance.

We are committed to fair taxation (both general and local) based on ability to pay, with increased spending to be partly funded by shifts in taxation onto the better-off. Mebyon Kernow is opposed to the iniquitous council tax and is campaigning for its replacement by a local income tax collected and retained in Cornwall.



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