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The Campaign Against The Arms Trade has estimated that every minute the world will spend 1,000,000 on arms - while in the same time 15 children will die of poverty, famine or disease.

In 1997, Labour promised an ethical foreign policy. Eight years on, it is a disgrace that the UK continues to be the second largest arms exporter in the world, with British taxpayers subsidizing this vile trade by 400 million a year.

The UK also has a military spending budget of 27 billion. Such levels of spending cannot be justified and must be reduced, with investment redirected to positive and peaceful ventures.

Mebyon Kernow the Party for Cornwall support collectively agreed actions through the United Nations, but is opposed to the continuation of pro-nuclear military blocs such as NATO. We also oppose states who impose their will on other nations or minority groups throughout the world and spoke out against the military invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

We support all moves to end the international arms trade, which is having such a terrible impact on developing countries - keeping corrupt elites in power and fanning post-colonial conflicts. We have consistently advocated unilateral nuclear disarmament and the abolition of all biological and chemical weapons.

We are committed to peace, with disarmament policies aimed at reducing nuclear proliferation, ending the international arms trade and limiting military spending. But peace is more than just an end to conflict between countries. It is about creating a time of real freedom, real co-operation and real social justice, a time in which all people and all communities can lead lives free of suspicion, prejudice and racism.

Western democracies must also take their share of responsibility for the imbalances in the World's economy, much of which is caused by unfair trade between the rich north and the under-developed south, as well as crippling debt repayments for poor countries. MK supports those campaigns such as Make Poverty History, which are campaigning for justice for the people of the developing countries.

We believe that Third World debts should be written off. It is ridiculous that poor countries are being forced to destroy their environments and ransack their natural resources in a vain attempt to pay back such unfair debts.

Aid must also be increased and targeted to allow people to become more self-reliant and solve their own problems.

The British government is still failing to meet the UNs target of 0.7% of GNP for overseas aid. Mebyon Kernow is committed to the immediate implementation of this pledge. Trade that makes the developing countries more dependent must also be avoided and instead we should support real sustainable economic initiatives.



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