UK Community Issues Party

In the 2005 election the UK Community Issues Party published a manifesto on its website. When the link to this document became dead I substituted a link to an archived copy of the manifesto held on this website.

In June 2015 I received an email from someone who refused to identify themselves, claiming to be acting on behalf of the party, and demanding immediate deletion of the archived copy. After replying, explaining the educational and research value of the manifesto archive, I received the following somewhat abrupt and semi-literate communication:

We do not wish to associate with you in any form or anyway. You should delete this page with immediate effect.

We hope this clarifies the situation. We respect other individuals' right. You should promote yourself or just those who wished to be used.

Currently, we will be issuing a Parliamentary Petition. Our aim is for a joint Parliamentary Petition and connect individuals due to the excessive and endemic abuse of individuals, organisations and companies linking to other people's website to promote themselves or boost their website.

We are not not interested in associating with you whether your organisation is free or not. We believe every individual in Britain has a right to privacy and every individual has a right to choose who they associate with.

We do not live in the world of dictators. We believe in a free society where people can choose who they associate with.

We hope you delete the page with immediate effect. We do not wish to associate with your organisation and you cannot others to associate with yours.

On Behalf of UK Community Issues

It isn't clear, given their insistence on privacy and their strange view of the WWW, why they issued a publicly available manifesto in 2005.

The party fielded 3 candidates: in Runnymede & Weybridge, where they were beaten by the Loony candidate, Spelthorne, and Woking. They amassed 502 votes between them, and came bottom of the poll in each constituency.

I have deleted the original document, but in the interests of maintaining an historical record of the 2005 election, the following report is a detailed description of their 2005 election manifesto.


Report on UK Community Issues Party Manifesto 2005

The party was created by patients and/or their families who experienced medical mistakes and/or negligence when using the NHS

 The party campaigned for:


Richard Kimber
June 2015