Parliamentary By-election Clacton

9th October 2014

The by-election followed the resignation of Douglas Carswell on his defection to UKIP

[E] UKIP gain

Carswell, DouglasUKIP21,11359.75%
Watling, GilesConservative8,70924.64%
Young, TimLabour3,95711.20%
Southall, ChrisGreen Party6881.95%
Graham, AndyLiberal Democrat4831.37%
Sizer, Bruce FrancisIndependent2050.58%
Hope, Howling LaudOfficial Monster Raving Loony Party1270.36%
Rose, CharlotteIndependent560.16%

Electorate: 69,118; Turnout: 51.13%;
Majority: 12,404 (35.10%); Total vote: 35,338

Ballot papers issued: 35,386; Ballot papers rejected: 48 (Multiple selection: 3; Mark by which voter could be identified: 1; Unmarked/uncertain: 44)

General election result

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Last Modified: 12 Oct 14