Parliamentary By-election

Manchester Central

15th November 2012

The by-election followed the resignation of Tony Lloyd in order to contest the election for Manchester Police Commissioner.

[E] Labour hold

POWELL, LucyLabour Party11,50769.12%
RAMSBOTTOM, Marc StevenLiberal Democrat1,5719.44%
SEPHTON, Matthew JosephConservative Party7544.53%
CASSIDY, Christopher JamesUKIP7494.50%
DYLAN, TomGreen Party6523.92%
O'SULLIVAN, EddyBNP4922.96%
KAYE, LozPirate Party UK3081.85%
DAVIDSON, AlexTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts2201.32%
HIGGINS, Catherine AminattaRespect (George Galloway)1821.09%
HOPE, Howling LaudMonster Raving Loony William Hill Party780.47%
HOLMES, Lee RobertPeople's Democratic Party710.43%
CLIFFORD, PeterCommunist League640.38%

Electorate: 91,692; Turnout: 18.16%; Rejected papers: 243; Total valid vote: 16,648
Majority: 9,936 (59.68%)

General election result

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