Parliamentary By-election
South Sields

2nd May 2013

The by-election followed the resignation of David Miliband.

[E] Labour hold

Emma Lewell-BuckLabour Party12,49350.51%
Richard Peter ElvinUK Independence Party (UKIP)5,98824.21%
Karen AllenConservative Party2,85711.55%
Ahmed KhanIndependent1,3315.38%
Phil BrownThe Independent Socialist Party7503.03%
Lady Dorothy MacBeth BrookesBritish National Party7112.87%
Hugh AnnandLiberal Democrat3521.42%
Howling Laud HopeOfficial Monster Raving Loony Party1970.80%
Thomas Faithful DarwoodIndependent570.23%

Electorate: 62,979 [postal: 21,808; in person: 41,171]; Total vote: 24,736; Turnout: 39.28%*
Majority: 6,505 (26.30%)

*44 spoiled ballots. Turnout, including spoiled ballots: postal 66.2%; in person: 25.1%; total: 39.35%

General election result

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