UK General Election results May 2010

6th May 2010
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets
Banff & Buchan — BeaconsfieldBeckenham — Bethnal Green & Bow
Banff & Buchan 
[S] SNP hold
Whiteford ESNP15,86841.25%
Buchan JConservative11,84130.78%
Reynolds GLabour5,38213.99%
Milne GLibDem4,36511.35%
Payne RKBNP1,0102.63%

Electorate: 64,300; Turnout: 59.82%; Majority: 4,027 (10.47%)
10.67% swing SNP to Con

[E] Lab win - notional hold
Hodge MELabour24,62854.31%
Marcus SJSConservative8,07317.80%
Griffin NJBNP6,62014.60%
Carman DSELibDem3,7198.20%
Maloney FTUKIP1,3002.87%
Hargreaves JGChristian Party4821.06%
Forbes JEGreen Party3170.70%
Dowling CDMonster Raving Loony Party820.18%
Darwood TFIndependent770.17%
Sijuwola DThe Restoration Party450.10%

Electorate: 73,868; Turnout: 61.38%; Majority: 16,555 (36.51%)
notional 1.73% swing Con to Lab
38.38% boundary change

Barnsley Central 
[E] Lab win - notional hold
Illsley ELabour17,48747.26%
Wiggin CJLibDem6,39417.28%
Tempest PConservative6,38817.26%
Sutton IBNP3,3078.94%
Silver DWUKIP1,7274.67%
Wood DIndependent7321.98%
Devoy TIndependent6101.65%
Robinson TSocialist Labour3560.96%

Electorate: 65,543; Turnout: 56.45%; Majority: 11,093 (29.98%)
notional 4.17% swing Lab to LibDem
61.54% boundary change
By-election 3rd March 2011

Barnsley East 
[E] Lab win - notional hold
Dugher MLabour18,05947.05%
Brown JLibDem6,96918.16%
Hockney JAConservative6,32916.49%
Porter CBNP3,3018.60%
Watson TUKIP1,7314.51%
Hogan KMJIndependent7121.85%
Devoy EIndependent6841.78%
Capstick KSocialist Labour6011.57%

Electorate: 68,435; Turnout: 56.09%; Majority: 11,090 (28.89%)
notional 14.02% swing Lab to LibDem
114.57% boundary change

Barrow & Furness 
[E] Lab Co-op win - notional hold
Woodcock JLabour21,22648.11%
Gough JConservative16,01836.30%
Rabone BMLibDem4,42410.03%
Smith JNUKIP8411.91%
Ashburner MBNP8401.90%
Loynes CGreen Party5301.20%
Greaves BIndependent2450.56%

Electorate: 68,943; Turnout: 64.00%; Majority: 5,208 (11.80%)
notional 0.37% swing Lab to Con
4.54% boundary change

Basildon & Billericay 
[E] Con win - notional hold
Baron JCConservative21,92252.74%
Davies ARLabour9,58423.06%
Hibbs MLibDem6,53815.73%
Bateman ILBNP1,9344.65%
Broad ADUKIP1,5913.83%

Electorate: 65,515; Turnout: 63.45%; Majority: 12,338 (29.68%)
notional 9.23% swing Lab to Con
84.43% boundary change

Basildon South & Thurrock East 
[E] Con win - notional gain from Lab
Metcalfe SConservative19,62443.87%
Smith AELabour13,85230.96%
Williams GLibDem5,97713.36%
Smith KJDUKIP2,6395.90%
Roberts CBNP2,5185.63%
X None Of The AboveIndependent1250.28%

Electorate: 71,874; Turnout: 62.24%; Majority: 5,772 (12.90%)
notional 7.52% swing Lab to Con
66.83% boundary change

[E] Con win - notional hold
Miller MFLConservative25,59050.52%
Shaw JDLibDem12,41424.51%
Pepperell FLabour10,32720.39%
Howell SHUKIP2,0764.10%
Saul SBasingstoke Common Man2470.49%

Electorate: 75,473; Turnout: 67.12%; Majority: 13,176 (26.01%)
notional 4.55% swing LibDem to Con
12.56% boundary change

[E] Lab win - notional hold
Mann JLabour25,01850.46%
Girling KFConservative16,80333.89%
Dobbie DPLibDem5,57011.24%
Hamilton AUKIP1,7793.59%
Whitehurst GMIndependent4070.82%

Electorate: 76,513; Turnout: 64.80%; Majority: 8,215 (16.57%)
notional 0.67% swing Lab to Con
41.73% boundary change

[E] LibDem win - notional hold
Foster DMELibDem26,65156.60%
Richter FFConservative14,76831.36%
Ajderian HJLabour3,2516.90%
Lucas EPGreen Party1,1202.38%
Warrender EJVUKIP8901.89%
Hewett SPChristian Party2500.53%
Onymous AIndependent690.15%
Geddis SAIndependent560.12%
Craig RIAll The South Party310.07%

Electorate: 66,686; Turnout: 70.61%; Majority: 11,883 (25.24%)
notional 5.84% swing Con to LibDem
9.42% boundary change

Batley & Spen 
[E] Lab win - notional hold
Wood MLabour21,56542.19%
Small JAConservative17,15933.57%
Bentley NDLibDem8,09515.84%
Exley DABNP3,6857.21%
Blakeley MGreen Party6051.18%

Electorate: 76,738; Turnout: 66.60%; Majority: 4,406 (8.62%)
notional 2.46% swing Lab to Con
27.16% boundary change

[E] Con win - notional gain from Lab
Ellison JEConservative23,10347.35%
Linton MLabour17,12635.10%
Moran LMLibDem7,17614.71%
Evans GGreen Party5591.15%
MacDonald CPUKIP5051.04%
Salmon HGBPutting the People of
Battersea First
Fox TWIndependent1550.32%

Electorate: 74,311; Turnout: 65.66%; Majority: 5,977 (12.25%)
notional 6.53% swing Lab to Con
4.02% boundary change

[E] Con win - notional hold
Grieve DCRConservative32,05361.06%
Edwards JWLibDem10,27119.57%
Miles JLabour6,13511.69%
Gray-Fisk DIUKIP2,5974.95%
Bailey JGreen Party7681.46%
Cowen AA Vote Against
MP Expense Abuse
Baron QIndependent1910.36%

Electorate: 74,982; Turnout: 70.00%; Majority: 21,782 (41.50%)
notional 4.70% swing LibDem to Con
25.77% boundary change

[E] Con win - notional hold
Stewart RAConservative27,59757.87%
Jenkins SMLibDem9,81320.58%
Egan DJLabour6,89314.45%
Brolly OGMUKIP1,5513.25%
Tonks RWBNP1,0012.10%
Garrett ACGreen Party6081.28%
Cheeseman DPEnglish Democrats2230.47%

Electorate: 66,219; Turnout: 72.01%; Majority: 17,784 (37.29%)
notional 3.15% swing Con to LibDem
66.81% boundary change

[E] Con win - notional gain from Lab
Fuller RQConservative17,54638.90%
Hall PLabour16,19335.90%
Vann HPLibDem8,95719.86%
Adkin MUKIP1,1362.52%
Dewick WJBNP7571.68%
Foley BGreen Party3930.87%
Bhandari SIndependent1200.27%

Electorate: 68,530; Turnout: 65.81%; Majority: 1,353 (3.00%)
notional 5.52% swing Lab to Con
0.93% boundary change

Bedfordshire Mid 
[E] Con win - notional hold
Dorries NVConservative28,81552.49%
Jack LALibDem13,66324.89%
Reeves DPLabour8,10814.77%
Hall BUKIP2,8265.15%
Bailey MGreen Party7731.41%
Cooper JEnglish Democrats7121.30%

Electorate: 76,310; Turnout: 71.94%; Majority: 15,152 (27.60%)
notional 2.26% swing LibDem to Con
3.71% boundary change

Bedfordshire North East 
[E] Con win - notional hold
Burt AJHConservative30,98955.78%
Pitt MLibDem12,04721.69%
Brown EMLabour8,95716.12%
Capell BUKIP2,2944.13%
Seeby IJBNP1,2652.28%

Electorate: 78,060; Turnout: 71.17%; Majority: 18,942 (34.10%)
notional 2.55% swing LibDem to Con
4.46% boundary change

Bedfordshire South West 
[E] Con hold
Selous AEAConservative26,81552.81%
Cantrill RGLibDem10,16620.02%
Bone JLabour9,94819.59%
Newman MJUKIP2,1424.22%
Tolman MCBNP1,7033.35%

Electorate: 76,559; Turnout: 66.32%; Majority: 16,649 (32.79%)
0.69% swing LibDem to Con

Belfast East 
[N] Alliance win - notional gain from DUP
Long NAlliance Party12,83937.23%
Robinson PDemocratic Unionist Party11,30632.78%
Ringland TUCUNF UUP & CON joint party7,30521.18%
Vance DTraditional Unionist Voice1,8565.38%
O'Donnghaile NSinn Féin8172.37%
Muldoon MSocial Democratic & Labour3651.06%

Electorate: 59,007; Turnout: 58.45%; Majority: 1,533 (4.45%)
notional 22.87% swing DUP to Alliance
26.20% boundary change

Belfast North 
[N] DUP win - notional hold
Dodds NDemocratic Unionist Party14,81240.04%
Kelly GSinn Féin12,58834.03%
Maginness AASocial Democratic & Labour4,54412.28%
Cobain FUCUNF UUP & CON joint party2,8377.67%
Webb BAlliance Party1,8094.89%
McAuley MIndependent4031.09%

Electorate: 65,504; Turnout: 56.47%; Majority: 2,224 (6.01%)
notional 5.00% swing DUP to Sinn Féin
22.90% boundary change

Belfast South 
[N] SDLP win - notional hold
McDonnell ASocial Democratic & Labour14,02641.03%
Spratt JDemocratic Unionist Party8,10023.69%
Bradshaw PJUCUNF UUP & CON joint party5,91017.29%
Lo AAlliance Party5,11414.96%
McGibbon AMJGreen Party1,0363.03%

Electorate: 59,524; Turnout: 57.43%; Majority: 5,926 (17.33%)
notional 8.41% swing DUP to SDLP
15.10% boundary change

Belfast West 
[N] Sinn Féin win - notional hold
Adams GSinn Féin22,84071.08%
Attwood ASocial Democratic & Labour5,26116.37%
Humphrey WDemocratic Unionist Party2,4367.58%
Manwaring BUCUNF UUP & CON joint party1,0003.11%
Hendron MAlliance Party5961.85%

Electorate: 59,522; Turnout: 53.99%; Majority: 17,579 (54.71%)
notional 1.07% swing SDLP to Sinn Féin
8.20% boundary change
By-election 9th June 2011

Bermondsey & Old Southwark 
[E] LibDem win - notional hold
Hughes SHWLibDem21,59048.35%
Shawcross VLabour13,06029.25%
Morrison LConservative7,63817.11%
Tyler SJBNP1,3703.07%
Chance TGreen Party7181.61%
Kirkby ADIndependent1550.35%
Freeman SIndependent1200.27%

Electorate: 77,628; Turnout: 57.52%; Majority: 8,530 (19.10%)
notional 1.55% swing Lab to LibDem
3.58% boundary change

[E] LibDem win - notional hold
Beith AJLibDem16,80643.72%
Trevelyan ABConservative14,11636.72%
Strickland ALabour5,06113.17%
Weatheritt MUKIP1,2433.23%
Mailer PWBNP1,2133.16%

Electorate: 56,578; Turnout: 67.94%; Majority: 2,690 (7.00%)
notional 8.29% swing LibDem to Con
0.80% boundary change

Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk 
[S] LibDem hold
Moore MKLibDem22,23045.35%
Lamont JRConservative16,55533.78%
Miller ILabour5,00310.21%
Wheelhouse PRWSNP4,4979.17%
Fowler SMUKIP5951.21%
Black CScottish Jacobite Party1340.27%

Electorate: 73,826; Turnout: 66.39%; Majority: 5,675 (11.58%)
0.71% swing LibDem to Con

Bethnal Green & Bow 
[E] Lab win - notional gain from Respect
Ali RLabour21,78442.94%
Masroor ALibDem10,21020.13%
Miah ARespect Party8,53216.82%
Khan ZHConservative7,07113.94%
Marshall JCBNP1,4052.77%
Bakht FGreen Party8561.69%
Brooks PIndependent2770.55%
Van Terheyden ARPirate Party UK2130.42%
Hikmat HUnited Voice2090.41%
Choudhury MIndependent1000.20%
Malik AAIndependent710.14%

Electorate: 81,243; Turnout: 62.44%; Majority: 11,574 (22.82%)
notional 14.11% swing Respect to Lab
11.30% boundary change

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