UK General Election results May 2010

6th May 2010
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets
Colchester — Crewe & NantwichCroydon Central — Derby South
[E] LibDem win - notional hold
Russell RELibDem22,15148.01%
Quince WJConservative15,16932.88%
Newell JALabour5,68012.31%
Pitts JUKIP1,3502.93%
Chaney SABNP7051.53%
Lynn PJGreen Party6941.50%
Bone EEnglish Democrats3350.73%
Noble GHSPeoples Party Essex350.08%
Shaw PRIndependent200.04%

Electorate: 74,064; Turnout: 62.30%; Majority: 6,982 (15.13%)
notional 0.24% swing LibDem to Con
7.92% boundary change

Colne Valley 
[E] Con win - notional gain from Lab
McCartney JAConservative20,44036.96%
Turner NLibDem15,60328.22%
Abrahams DALabour14,58926.38%
Fowler BBNP1,8933.42%
Roberts MUKIP1,1632.10%
Ball CGreen Party8671.57%
Grunsell JTrade Unionist & Socialist Coalition7411.34%

Electorate: 80,060; Turnout: 69.07%; Majority: 4,837 (8.75%)
notional 6.55% swing Lab to Con
4.62% boundary change

[E] Con hold
Bruce FCConservative23,25045.79%
Hirst PJLibDem16,18731.88%
Bryant DJLabour8,74717.23%
Slaughter LWUKIP2,1474.23%
Edwards PJIndependent2760.54%
Rothwell PIndependent940.19%
Parton ARIndependent790.16%

Electorate: 72,280; Turnout: 70.25%; Majority: 7,063 (13.91%)
2.30% swing Con to LibDem

[E] Lab win - notional hold
Reed JRLabour19,69946.04%
Whiteside CJConservative15,86637.08%
Hollowell FGLibDem4,36510.20%
Jefferson CBNP1,4743.44%
Caley-Knowles EUKIP9942.32%
Perry JBGreen Party3890.91%

Electorate: 63,149; Turnout: 67.76%; Majority: 3,833 (8.96%)
notional 2.14% swing Lab to Con
15.62% boundary change

[E] Con gain from Lab
Bagshawe LDConservative22,88642.20%
Hope PILabour20,99138.70%
Wilson PCLibDem7,83414.44%
Davies RRBNP2,5254.66%

Electorate: 78,024; Turnout: 69.51%; Majority: 1,895 (3.49%)
3.31% swing Lab to Con
By-election: 15th November 2012

Cornwall North 
[E] LibDem win - notional hold
Rogerson DJLibDem22,51248.06%
Flynn SPConservative19,53141.69%
Damerell-O'Connor MJUKIP2,3004.91%
Hulme JELabour1,9714.21%
Willett JMAMebyon Kernow5301.13%

Electorate: 67,940; Turnout: 68.95%; Majority: 2,981 (6.36%)
notional 0.25% swing LibDem to Con
29.77% boundary change

Cornwall South East 
[E] Con win - notional gain from LibDem
Murray SConservative22,39045.13%
Gillard KLibDem19,17038.64%
Sparling MHLabour3,5077.07%
McWilliam SUKIP3,0836.21%
Creagh-Osborne RMGreen Party8261.66%
Holmes RGMebyon Kernow6411.29%

Electorate: 71,373; Turnout: 69.52%; Majority: 3,220 (6.49%)
notional 9.13% swing LibDem to Con
14.25% boundary change

Cotswolds, The 
[E] Con win - notional hold
Clifton-Brown GRConservative29,07553.03%
Collins MJDLibDem16,21129.56%
Dempsey MELabour5,88610.73%
Blake AGUKIP2,2924.18%
Lister KJGreen Party9401.71%
Steel JADIndependent4280.78%

Electorate: 76,729; Turnout: 71.46%; Majority: 12,864 (23.46%)
notional 1.08% swing LibDem to Con
5.99% boundary change

Coventry North East 
[E] Lab win - notional hold
Ainsworth BLabour21,38449.29%
Noonan HConservative9,60922.15%
Field RDLibDem7,21016.62%
Gower TBNP1,8634.29%
Nellist DSocialist Alternative Party1,5923.67%
Forbes CUKIP1,2912.98%
Lebar RChristian Movement for Great Britain4341.00%

Electorate: 73,035; Turnout: 59.40%; Majority: 11,775 (27.14%)
notional 5.47% swing Lab to Con
2.80% boundary change

Coventry North West 
[E] Lab win - notional hold
Robinson GLabour19,93642.82%
Ridley GCConservative13,64829.31%
McKee VLibDem8,34417.92%
Sheppard EJBNP1,6663.58%
Nattrass MUKIP1,2952.78%
Clarke JNIndependent6401.37%
Wood JGreen Party4971.07%
Downes NSocialist Alternative Party3700.79%
Sidhu WChristian Movement for Great Britain1640.35%

Electorate: 72,871; Turnout: 63.89%; Majority: 6,288 (13.51%)
notional 3.92% swing Lab to Con
3.86% boundary change

Coventry South 
[E] Lab win - notional hold
Cunningham JLabour19,19741.80%
Foster KJConservative15,35233.43%
Patton BDLibDem8,27818.03%
Taylor MUKIP1,7673.85%
Griffiths JSocialist Alternative Party6911.50%
Gray SRGGreen Party6391.39%

Electorate: 73,652; Turnout: 62.35%; Majority: 3,845 (8.37%)
notional 3.41% swing Lab to Con
4.70% boundary change

[E] Con gain from Lab
Smith HEMConservative21,26444.76%
Oxlade CLabour15,33632.28%
Vincent JWLibDem6,84414.41%
Trower RJBNP1,6723.52%
French CUKIP1,3822.91%
Smith PPGreen Party5981.26%
Khan AJustice Party2650.56%
Hubner APIndependent1430.30%

Electorate: 72,781; Turnout: 65.27%; Majority: 5,928 (12.48%)
6.28% swing Lab to Con

Crewe & Nantwich 
[E] Con win - notional gain from Lab
Timpson AEConservative23,42045.85%
Williams DALabour17,37434.01%
Wood RJLibDem7,65614.99%
Clutton JRUKIP1,4142.77%
Williams PBNP1,0432.04%
Parsons MIndependent1770.35%

Electorate: 79,728; Turnout: 64.07%; Majority: 6,046 (11.84%)
notional 13.67% swing Lab to Con
4.52% boundary change

Croydon Central 
[E] Con win - notional gain from Lab
Barwell GLConservative19,56739.40%
Ryan MGLabour16,68833.60%
Lambell PJLibDem6,55313.19%
Pelling AJIndependent3,2396.52%
Le May CJBNP1,4482.92%
Atkinson RSUKIP9972.01%
Golberg BCGreen Party5811.17%
Gitau JKNChristian Party2640.53%
Cartwright JSMonster Raving Loony Party1920.39%
Castle MMIndependent1380.28%

Electorate: 76,349; Turnout: 65.05%; Majority: 2,879 (5.80%)
notional 3.34% swing Lab to Con
7.26% boundary change

Croydon North 
[E] Lab win - notional hold
Wicks MHLabour28,94756.02%
Hadden JMConservative12,46624.12%
Jerome GLibDem7,22613.98%
Khan SGreen Party1,0171.97%
Serter JNUKIP8911.72%
Williams NLChristian Party5861.13%
Shaikh MRespect Party2720.53%
Stevenson BCommunist Party of Britain1600.31%
Seyed Mohamed MBIndependent1110.21%

Electorate: 85,216; Turnout: 60.64%; Majority: 16,481 (31.89%)
notional 0.27% swing Con to Lab
2.60% boundary change
By-election: 29th November 2012

Croydon South 
[E] Con win - notional hold
Ottaway RGJConservative28,68450.93%
Rix SLibDem12,86622.84%
Avis JLabour11,28720.04%
Bolter JWUKIP2,5044.45%
Ross GHGreen Party9811.74%

Electorate: 81,303; Turnout: 69.27%; Majority: 15,818 (28.08%)
notional 1.75% swing Con to LibDem
4.99% boundary change

Cumbernauld, Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch East 
[S] Lab hold
McClymont GLabour23,54957.23%
Hepburn JSNP9,79423.80%
Ackland RLibDem3,9249.54%
Fraser SMConservative3,4078.28%
O'Neill WScottish Socialist Party4761.16%

Electorate: 64,037; Turnout: 64.26%; Majority: 13,755 (33.43%)
1.92% swing SNP to Lab

Cynon Valley 
[W] Lab win - notional hold
Clwyd ALabour15,68152.49%
Davies DTPlaid Cymru6,06420.30%
Thacker LNLibDem4,12013.79%
Ash JKCConservative3,01010.07%
Hughes FRWUKIP1,0013.35%

Electorate: 50,650; Turnout: 58.99%; Majority: 9,617 (32.19%)
notional 8.65% swing Lab to Plaid Cymru
8.68% boundary change

Dagenham & Rainham 
[E] Lab win - notional hold
Cruddas JLabour17,81340.27%
Jones SAPConservative15,18334.33%
Barnbrook MJBNP4,95211.20%
Bourke JGLibDem3,8068.60%
Litwin CJUKIP1,5693.55%
Kennedy GIndependent3080.70%
Watson PDChristian Party3050.69%
Rosaman DAGreen Party2960.67%

Electorate: 69,764; Turnout: 63.40%; Majority: 2,630 (5.95%)
notional 4.87% swing Lab to Con
84.29% boundary change

[E] Lab win - notional hold
Chapman JLabour16,89139.38%
Legard EConservative13,50331.48%
Barker MLibDem10,04623.42%
Foster AMBNP1,2622.94%
Bull CEUKIP1,1942.78%

Electorate: 68,168; Turnout: 62.93%; Majority: 3,388 (7.90%)
notional 9.14% swing Lab to Con
1.03% boundary change

[E] Con win - notional gain from Lab
Johnson GAConservative24,42848.78%
Adams JPLabour13,80027.56%
Willis JMLibDem7,36114.70%
Rogers GPEnglish Democrats2,1784.35%
Palmer RFUKIP1,8423.68%
Tindame SIndependent2640.53%
Crockford JKFancy Dress Party2070.41%

Electorate: 76,271; Turnout: 65.66%; Majority: 10,628 (21.22%)
notional 11.56% swing Lab to Con
4.36% boundary change

[E] Con win - notional hold
Heaton-Harris CConservative29,25256.50%
McGlynn CGLibDem10,06419.44%
Corazzo PALabour8,16815.78%
Broomfield PJUKIP2,3334.51%
Bennett-Spencer AEnglish Democrats1,1872.29%
Whiffen SJGreen Party7701.49%

Electorate: 71,452; Turnout: 72.46%; Majority: 19,188 (37.06%)
notional 0.71% swing Con to LibDem
76.49% boundary change

[W] Lab hold
Hanson DGLabour15,08340.78%
Sandbach AGMConservative12,81134.64%
Brereton WDLibDem5,74715.54%
Ryder PPlaid Cymru1,8444.99%
Matthys JABNP8442.28%
Haigh AMUKIP6551.77%

Electorate: 53,470; Turnout: 69.17%; Majority: 2,272 (6.14%)
6.70% swing Lab to Con

Denton & Reddish 
[E] Lab win - notional hold
Gwynne AJLabour19,19150.99%
Searle JConservative9,36024.87%
Broadhurst SJLibDem6,72717.87%
Robinson WUKIP2,0605.47%
Dennis JIndependent2970.79%

Electorate: 66,330; Turnout: 56.74%; Majority: 9,831 (26.12%)
notional 6.25% swing Lab to Con
11.06% boundary change

Derby North 
[E] Lab win - notional hold
Williamson CLabour14,89633.04%
Mold SConservative14,28331.68%
Care LHLibDem12,63828.03%
Cheeseman PBNP2,0004.44%
Ransome ELCUKIP8291.84%
Gale DIndependent2640.59%
Geraghty DPirate Party UK1700.38%

Electorate: 71,474; Turnout: 63.07%; Majority: 613 (1.36%)
notional 7.39% swing Lab to Con
74.87% boundary change

Derby South 
[E] Lab win - notional hold
Beckett MMLabour17,85143.34%
Perschke JConservative11,72928.48%
Batey DRLibDem8,43020.47%
Fowke SUKIP1,8214.42%
Graves AIndependent1,3573.29%

Electorate: 70,999; Turnout: 58.01%; Majority: 6,122 (14.86%)
notional 9.26% swing Lab to Con
58.65% boundary change

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