Apolitical Democrat Principles

Apolitical Democrats hold the following principles:

1. No parachuting in.

Apolitical Democrat MPs must live in the Constituency.

2. Full attention – full time.

Being an Apolitical Democrat MP will be his/her main job.

Any income that they receive from any other source will be reflected in the MP’s salary being reduced by 150%  of value of the money they get from other sources (excluding any money from military service i.e. TA and reservists.)

3. No party whip.

Apolitical Democrat MPs will vote according to the express wishes of their constituents, even if this means that fellow Apolitical Democrat MPs vote on opposite sides of a debate.

There will be no more feathering of nests or furtherance of party interests over voters wishes.

The specific positions adopted on issues by Apolitical Democrat candidates are to be found on their own pages.

PPC for Newbury Constituency – David Yates


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