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Civil Liberties

For many years we have seen a progressive decline in our civil liberties. Freedom of speech, which is the basis of a free and democratic society, has been slowly and systematically eroded. Any government which attempts to deny the people the right to express their views without fear or intimidation does not have the right to govern; it is a fundamental right to be able to express one’s opinion on any issue no matter how controversial! The opinions of the masses have been ignored on vital issues such as Europe and immigration, which have probably been two of the most talked about issues over the last few decades.

At no time in modern history has there been such a sustained attack on our civil liberties. In 2006 a Bill was put before Parliament that would in effect render the parliamentary process redundant. The 'Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill' would in effect give government ministers powers to introduce new laws without the approval of Parliament; the implications of such legislation would be immense and could spell the end of democracy as we know it.

The Campaign for Independent Politicians will repeal any legislation that has been introduced contrary to the will of the people!



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