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Core Values & Objectives

Core values represent the foundations of any society - honesty, transparency, morality and commitment are necessary to achieve the high standards that the public demand from their elected representatives.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity for the British public to express their views on issues that could have a profound effect on the British way of life! There are some issues that we consider too important to be left to politicians; issues that could affect our civil liberties, sovereignty and traditional moral values. For decades the British public have demanded a referendum on Britain’s involvement within 'Europe', which not only threatens our sovereignty but has already had a massive impact on our every-day lives. The Campaign for Independent Politicians would introduce referenda as an integral part of British politics. British people would have a vote on all the major issues; such as conserving our independence, our freedoms, moral values, integrity and self determination; but more importantly, the ability to elect a 'British government', a government which would be autonomous and not shackled to a 'European Super State'. The results of such referenda will then form the basis of a Written 'Codified' Constitution, a document that will be given legal supremacy and legal protection, 'entrenchment'. Such a document would establish the rules, procedures and powers of government; guaranteeing the British people the necessary protection from the kind of draconian legislation this repressive government appears to be bent on introducing which, if left unchecked, will eventually lead to the creation of a police state!



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