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Education has always been a cornerstone of British society and is an essential element in any free world economy. Historically, the British education system has always enjoyed universal acclaim for providing the high levels of education, the knowledge and the skills that our students need before setting off into the wider world. To many, education is considered as the foundation of success, without which, an individual is likened to nothing more than a piece of flotsam at the mercy of the political and economic tide. This is evident when one looks at deprived areas of this country where unemployment is high and young people have little or no chance of finding any work, let alone a job with prospects.

So what went wrong? Was common sense undermined by political ideology; was it 'left wing' dogma that led to the dismantling of a system that became the envy of the western world? Whatever the reason for the changes in our education system what is patently clear is that the very people it was designed to help are the people that have suffered the most. Education is essential in character building; individual qualities such as confidence, self discipline and self esteem are all connected with having a good education.

It is felt that the education system has become too politicized; the system is being used to indoctrinate our children rather than educate them; they are being used as political pawns by this government, and parents are being denied the right to make the educational choices for their own children. We feel that political correctness should be taken out of the classroom; more qualified teachers should be employed and the emphasis should be to teach academic subjects that will provide the necessary qualifications needed to gain meaningful employment and beyond. Our children are the future of this nation and are therefore entitled to the best education that the system can provide; otherwise who will take on the research mantle if our education system fails!

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