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The environment is without doubt an issue which requires serious consideration. It is widely accepted that we need to reduce our 'carbon emissions' and recycle more of our waste. In fact a great many people would argue that this is exactly what they have been doing for many years and cannot understand why all of a sudden politicians and some local authorities have become almost paranoid over this issue. Is all this government hype really necessary, or is it nothing more than scaremongering and just another excuse to squeeze more money out of the taxpayer?

A word of caution! What is needed is a common sense approach, one which will have a positive effect over a number of years without having a negative effect on the British economy, resulting in more British workers losing their jobs. One example of this is the short sighted policy of some local authorities who are considering increasing the parking charges or indeed banning four-wheel drive vehicles. One of the last remaining British car manufacturers is Land Rover, and such policies could damage sales and may even jeopardize the future of this company. Of course some foreign manufacturers also make four wheel drive vehicles, but if production of these vehicles were limited it may not have such an impact on these companies because they also produce a large range of other models; whereas Land Rover manufacture only four-wheel drive vehicles!

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