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Europe has already had a massive effect on the British way of life; in fact it is probably the single most important issue since the end of the Second World War. At no other time in our modern history has our sovereignty, national identity, national security, political independence and self determination been under threat. We would, for the first time in our history, be subjected to 'minority politics'. In simple terms this means that even if the entire voting population of the United Kingdom voted for or against a particular policy our wishes could, and probably would, be ignored.

Europe’s long term political agenda is not supported by the majority in Britain and demands for a referendum have been ignored. In 1992, the debate on the Maastricht Treaty divided parliament, and MP’s on both sides of the house expressed their concerns and called for a referendum. However, a number of MP’s dismissed the idea of a 'peoples vote', and indeed a report in the media at that time suggested that the people of this country may not be 'intelligent enough' to make such a decision. This sort of contempt has not only continued but has become commonplace under this current administration.

This government has demonstrated its intentions to forge stronger links with Europe regardless of the wishes of the British people and continues to ignore cries for a referendum.

The Campaign for Independent Politicians guarantees a referendum on Europe!


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