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Immigration is an issue that has probably caused greater concern to the people of this country than most items on the political agenda. It is a subject that party politicians will avoid at all costs, with the exception of a few, and is only brought into the political arena after periods of civil unrest or, in recent times, terrorist activities. Immigration has had a profound affect on all aspects of our everyday life in ways that most people would not even consider. Asylum has become the official, more politically correct phrase for foreigners who have arrived on these shores in recent years. A recent press report suggested that those migrants whose asylum applications have failed are costing the British taxpayer something in the region of £150,000,000 per year. Although the cost to the taxpayer is a major factor, the effect that continued immigration will have on a society that is already under tremendous strain is incalculable. The situation is not helped by interference from Brussels and the EU rules on 'free movement of labour'. Any attempt to stem the flow of eastern European migrants will be challenged by Brussels; as a sovereign state we are no longer able to determine our own immigration policy!

Then there is the issue of illegal immigration; for obvious reasons there are only estimates as to the number of illegal immigrants who have found their way into Britain. This administration would rather sweep the whole affair under the carpet than admit to the fact that they have failed to come up with a workable solution to control our borders. Any action which is taken to stem the flow of migrants will be controversial; however, it is also widely accepted that such action is long overdue. The Immigration and Asylum Services have been criticised for lacking the will or the ability to fulfil their obligations, but whether they accept it or not they have a responsibility to work with other security services to control and protect our borders.

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