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Law and Order

Law enforcement is a thankless task and will always generate criticism. Crime is on the increase and no matter what the official statistics may suggest, public perception is that law and order in Britain is breaking down. The police will argue that this is because their hands are tied as a result of government bureaucracy, the introduction of the Human Rights Act 1998 and political correctness in general which is preventing them from carrying out their duties to protect society. No one can deny that they have a difficult job, but the police must realise that in order for them to be able to do their job effectively they must have the support of the people and, considering that confidence in the police is diminishing daily, it is clear that radical action needs to be taken to redress this situation. There is also a feeling that the police have become unapproachable and appear to be indifferent to the needs of the people. Public perception is that a considerable amount of police resources are centred on motoring and speeding offences rather than on what the public consider are major issues such as terrorism and violent crime. We do not want a police force that is nothing more than an instrument of government whose primary function is to gather personal and intimate information to be placed on a permanent database, or generate statistics with a view to showing its political masters in a better light. We want a service that will respect and work with the public to solve or prevent the crimes which are undermining the fabric of our society; perhaps this is the reason why so many police are leaving the service?

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