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UK taxation is probably amongst the highest in the world. Taxation is necessary to provide the funding to pay for all the goods and services that are provided by the state. Everything from the 'civil list' to cleaning the streets is paid for from the tax we pay, either directly or indirectly. Most people who pay tax do not have a problem with this concept but many would question the level of taxation and feel that the hard working taxpayer is in fact paying far more than is actually needed. The basis of any tax system is that it should be fair, avoid waste, and taxpayers’ money should only be spent in areas of absolute necessity.

Pensions, is another area that requires urgent attention. Pensions have not kept pace with inflation and money has to be found to give pensioners a decent income. We must not forget that pensioners have made a major contribution to the economy of this country during their working lives. One of the questions frequently asked is, why do public sector workers enjoy a more generous pension scheme than the rest of Britain’s workforce, is it fair that a section of society is singled out and given preferential treatment just because they are government employees? Of course public sector workers would argue that their salaries are not as high as those employed in the private industry, and that a guaranteed index linked pension scheme is a part of the overall package. Whatever your standpoint, it is clear that such disparity cannot continue and a fairer system has to be introduced giving all those who have paid into the system equal pension status.

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