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Christian Movement for Great Britain. Some points from our Manifesto.

The Christian Movement for Great Britain specifically intends to bring Christian ethics and morality to the running of Great Britain. Our desire is for this nation to regain the respect of all peoples of the World. To become once more a country that others look up to, as a beacon of hope and justice. To once more deserve the name of GREAT Britain.

To eliminate corruption in public office, to ensure that Members of Parliament serve their country, not themselves. That Government is honest, open and not oppressive.


Our aims are to ensure that Christian values, upon which our society was built, are retained, restored and strengthened. That legislation reducing the role of family life is repealed, that the family and the institution of marriage are returned to their rightful place at the heart of our society.

To campaign for the repeal of laws or regulations that have attacked the position of Churches at the heart of our communities. For the repeal of laws and regulations that have attacked the rights of individuals to show their faith. Including Council bye-laws, regulations etc. and similar corporate rules.

To ensure that every individual has the best chance to achieve their full potential, within the framework of a just legal system. That every effort is made to reduce crime and all the causes of crime. To ensure that every citizen, whatever their faith or social background, is treated fairly and equally.

To ensure that our educational standards are the highest possible and universally available. That professional standards in all walks of life are improved and that institutional incompetence is eliminated.

To ensure that our Armed Forces are properly equipped, to protect British interests wherever the need arises. That their equipment and manpower are adequate for the difficult tasks they face. That British lives are not put at risk by poor equipment or management failings. That the high ethical standards we expect are maintained throughout the Services.


All members will have a say in party decisions, using a democratic voting system, as set out in our constitution. Membership is open to all, provided the party is satisfied that potential members will benefit the party and fit in with our aims. Prospective members must agree with the aims and ethics of the party.

Belief in a faith other than Christianity will not debar applicants from membership, provided they agree with the party's Christian principles.

Ron Lebar, Leader.

Ron Lebar, Author. Edited on the 7th of April 2010. Loaded: 1-5-110, 4:47 P.M.