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We are governed by people we have not elected.  Our children pass through an ‘education machine’ that strips them of their communal culture and identity. They emerge with a ‘White British’ identity and total ignorance of their communal origins and history.  They are conditioned to believe many strange things and they are conditioned to condemn those who say otherwise.

We live in a state that denies our existence and ignores our wishes. The British ruling class pursues its own interests and in doing so manipulates opinion to suit those interests. It tells big lies and it tells them often. It tells us that everyone born in England is English.  It tells us that immigration is good for us.  It tells us that our way-of-life is dull and inferior to others.  It tells us that we cannot govern ourselves.  It tells us there is no alternative.  It tells us that pigs can fly.

The state acts as if it is our master and we its servants.  It demands our loyalty but gives us none.  It demands that we obey.

All of this must end and we will do our best to play a part in the downfall.  We need your help!

Our immediate goals are -

1. The creation of a parliament and government for England that has at least the same powers as the Scottish Parliament and government.

2. Recognition by the British state of the existence of the ethnic English.  A start should be made by including an ethnic - English tick box on census and ethnic monitoring forms.

3. An end to immigration - except in very special cases, including the return to England of people of English heritage and descent.  The removal from England of those who have no legal right to be here – including those involved in shame marriages.

4. The restoration, as far as is possible, of English sovereignty – which means that we should be able to elect those who make our laws and enforce them.  Points 1 and 3 require that England adopts a new relationship with the EU.

5. The creation of an education system that makes it possible for all children to develop their natural skills and fulfil their potential.  This would include tackling the special problems faced by English working class children.  Their self-esteem and achievements will greatly increase when they learn that they belong to a real living community family with a long history and many achievements.

Foundation for a Policy Statement / Manifesto


If a community is to survive and prosper it needs to produce children; pass on its way-of-life from one generation to the next; defend its cultural and physical space.  The English community is failing to properly do any of these things . The reasons for this are many but an important factor is the determination of the British establishment and state to deny the existence of the English community.

The Problems

  1. State schools fail to teach our children anything about our communal origins and history.  The children of settlers are encouraged to take a pride in their heritage but English children are denied their heritage and have a ‘White British’ identity foisted on them. Such discrimination and social engineering is widespread.

  2. The existence of our community is denied by the British state – we are statistically and politically invisible.  The Office for National Statistics, and other branches of the state, promote an inclusive English identity but resolutely refuse to acknowledge and record the existence of the English community.  This gives rise to widespread institutional discrimination against the English.  For example, unlike other ethnic groups we receive no state funding or special service provision, and there are no policies aimed at meeting the needs of the English community.

  3. The British establishment denies the same recognition to England as it does to Scotland and Wales. England, Scotland and Wales are all countries – they are all political and cultural units but England is not recognised as such.

  4. The British establishment denies the people of England the right to have a parliament of their own.  The excuses given for such unfair and undemocratic obstruction make it clear that the establishment puts its own interests above those of the people.

  5. All nations need a physical space - a homeland - in which to live according to their customs without interference from outsiders.  They also need the cultural space in which to freely express their communal identity and way-of-life.  All nations living in their homeland have the right to expect their government to defend their territory and way-of-life.  The British establishment has failed us in every respect.

  6. Nations living in their homeland have a right to expect and demand that their communal values and customs are woven into the public culture. The English are denied that right.  Instead we are expected to deny our identity, culture and freedoms so that others are able to freely enjoy theirs.

  7. Our birth rate is plummeting and many of our children lack any sense of communal identity.  This is in contrast with an ever increasing number of settlers who, on the whole, have a very strong sense of community and identity, and a high birth rate.

  8. The British establishment has promoted a progressive dogma that is destructive of family and communal ties.  It has sought to replace informal communal sanctions with formal laws and regulations.  These can never replace the complex communal ties and controls that evolution and culture have created.

  9. The British establishment has promoted and acted on the myth of an interdependent global market place that brings wealth to all and maximises happiness.  Clearly it brings a lot more wealth and happiness to some than others - the distribution is not based on any measure of need or worth.  A good ‘standard of living’ is important but there is more to a happy and content life than work and consumption.  A sense of communal identity and belonging are at least as important – along with freedom of expression and democratic institutions.  All of these are compromised and made subservient to the interests of those who profit from moving capital, goods and labour around the globe.

  10. The underlying cause of the catastrophe that has afflicted our country and community is that the British establishment does not feel any sense of loyalty to us.  We are deemed to be economic units that can be manipulated and replaced as suits the needs of the establishment.  We are but cannon fodder in a completion for power and influence. It is this outlook that has encouraged a never ending flow of settlers into our country.  Some of the settlers save the state training costs but most serve to keep down labour costs.

  11. The English have been opposed to mass immigration but nonetheless our towns and cities have been transformed beyond recognition.  Opposition has been suppressed by a British establishment that instructs us to rejoice at the destruction.  Our children know nothing else and are easily persuaded that England has always been full of people from every corner of the Earth.  Their hearts would ache if they knew the inheritance that has been stolen from them.

Our Aims

  1. Communities need a wide assortment of people to do a wide variety of jobs.  We need to develop a mixed economy that is able to provide jobs for people with different natural talents and skills. Not everyone is suited to working in call-centres, advertising or banking.  We are in greater need of firemen, mechanics, doctors, soldiers, engineers, nurses, and scientists.  With a healthy birth rate and reasonable rates of pay there would be no need to import labour.  We managed in the past and we can manage again.

  2. We seek a democratic political system where the government and the state are our servants and not our masters. We are entitled to elect those who make and enforce laws – and we are entitled to dismiss them.  This right is incompatible with membership of the European Union and the United Kingdom.  Our aim is government of the people by the people for the people – not government of the people by the establishment for the establishment.

  3. We seek just reward and status for those who do their best to be economically and socially self-reliant.  When ill-fortune prevents this, welfare should be provided for the deserving.  Those who are prepared to work to the best of their ability should enjoy respect and receive such financial reward as will enable them to have and support children in a family.  Our community should be encouraged to have more children.

  4. We want to provide children with an education that enables them to fulfil their potential and be self-confident.  We want them to have a strong communal identity and the freedom to express it.  Such children will be more fulfilled and happy that those who know only a solitary existence dedicated to the consumption of goods and services.  Life in a community helps people to learn to care for and respect others.

  5. The economic wellbeing of a community is of course important but the citizens of a rich state do not necessarily enjoy more wealth or happiness than those of a less rich state.  Economic welfare has to be matched by cultural welfare and a secure sense of communal belonging.  English history, culture and language should be central to state education and the public culture in England.  This will help restore in the English a belief that the state cares for their interests and welfare.

  6. There should be a supply of good affordable housing that makes possible the rearing of happy and self-confident children.

  7. There should be a health service that provides good healthcare for all.

  8. Those who earn a good name for themselves and their community should, in old age, be treated with respect and we should ensure that they are able to gain the means to live a decent life.

  9. The state should be responsible for ensuring that strategic industries and utilities meet the needs of our economy and domestic consumers.

  10. There should be a police service that meets the needs of the community and does not act primarily as a tool of the state.

  11. We need armed forces whose first purpose is to defend our homeland – and not to engage in aggressive wars abroad.


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