2010 Election

Democracy Pledge
Confidence in British politics is at an all time low. Politicians are still resisting serious democratic reform. We believe it is vital that candidates in this election make a clear statement in support of fundamental democratic principles, and that's why we've launched the 2010 Election Democracy Pledge.

If you support a majority of the pledges below sign up today (you can tell us which you support), and ask your local candidates to do the same, so when our new parliament is elected we'll know which MPs are committed to putting real power where it belongs, with the people.

The Pledge

I Believe...

the will of the people should be the basis of the authority of government.
all members of parliament should be fully accountable to the people for their actions.
the upper house of the British parliament should be chosen by the people they are there to serve.
the government should not be able to exercise any powers without proper and rigorous parliamentary scrutiny.
the processes for government decision making must be transparent and accountable with all powers clearly defined and allocated.
all public officials and government bodies should be subject to the same laws and taxes as every other British citizen or private body.
our head of state should be chosen by the British people or their representatives and subject to the same standards of scrutiny and accountability set out above.