Northampton Save Our Services

Northampton Save Our Public Services - Campaigning to defend and improve our public services - against privatisation, PFI and cuts. 

Welcome to our Website        

We hope you find this site interesting and of use in the fight to keep good public services safe from the ravages of those who wish to cut them and make money from them.  Public services in so many fields were started because private profit making services failed to provide for so many people.  There is no reason to suppose the leopard has changed its spots, in spite of what politicians of all shades tell us.  We believe that we need to defend what we gained in the past.

The headings give some idea of the items of interest, matters of concern and campaigns that are ongoing in this area that we will cover.

If you wish to contribute to the pages, have information of interest or ideas to share then please get in touch so that we can spread the word and build the campaign to defend our interests and oppose those who want only to turn us back to victorian times or turn an easy profit.

 Drawing by Alan Moore, in support of campaign against  sell-off  of council housing.Copies available, signed by Alan, in aid of funds for Save Our Public Services 

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