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Virtue Currency Cognitive Appraisal Party



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  • William Bartlett 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    THE NEW WORLD WITHOUT MONEY ABOLISHING THE SECRET KILLER AND FEAR SOCIETY. By Robert D. Leakey. 1. How Money became abolished, or should be abolished if it as such, it still exists, is because the Nanotechnology computer Bum-Downers broke the Censorship upon which the evil stuff depended for its lethal existence. Two millennia BC according to the Oxford Dictionary, Humanity was using the stuff. How It must have originated was when monsoon gales made it dangerous for Fishermen to go out to sea, so they took seashells to Farmers whose language They could not speak and were given fish, and months later when all forgotten and the droughts came and the Farmers starved, they took the seashells back to the Fishermen as returned I.O.Us, and were fed with fish. 2. What is now Known as Money, Finance, Profits and all the other names, is what in reality is Humanity’s oldest and most evil Religious Criminal Profession, namely Moneytheism - a forbidden word ! As Professionals, all those who would be without jobs if that Money stuff did not exist are what should be taught in Schools as being in the Worlds Oldest and most Lethal and Criminal Profession, all stemming from when Monsoon Gales in Asia prevented fishermen from going to Sea, so they took seashells to Farmers who gave Them food. Then came the Oldest Criminal Profession, the Finance Industry in all its many forms, Who innocently counterfeited those Seashell and other I.O.U. tokens into Money in all its many forms, the sole purpose of which to become Tools for Parasitising upon the Labour of Other People. And it all must have started When Fishermen landed Their catches, when by waving seashells picked off the beaches, the I.O.U. Counterfeiters pretended that it was They who had fed the starving Fishermen during the Monsoons, and were given fish, when in fact the Farmers who did do so were busy on their fields and looking after their cattle. 3. Just that Act of tongue-wagging/scribbling duping People into believing that Tokens, Icons, Coins, printed Paper and with Numerals Was, and still Is What Makes those Who Do So into what is still Humanity’s most Evil, Lethal, and Criminal Profession – all something No-one can refute ! If anyone Could refute what is just said, Financially they should be booted up onto the top of the list of the worlds Richest Persons, because second only to Why People kill each other in Wars and commit lethal Violence, is because the ‘Why-They-Do-So’ I just because They are so positively Not told’. Once People Are told What Money is in reality as stated Here, Good People would have no problem doing without the stuff ! And paradoxically as the only good Done by Money is the Reason for having Education – the Act of Teaching being to positively Not Teach What Education is all about, as being again paradoxically the only actual Good that the existence of Money ever actually did for Humanity ! 4. Put simply, the cardinal purpose of Education is Not to actually Teach Knowledge, (the one thing Teachers must Not Do), but to so fill the brain chemistry of their Victims (those They Educate) with so much Knowledge and skills, that there is then positively No spare brain chemistry in Their skulls to accept any more Knowledge. And once such well educated Victims reach that Roboticised ‘brain-filled State’ (what Academic degrees are There to expose); like well trained Soldiers, everything impinging on that Void of What they Do Not Know in Their brain chemistry, then becomes Their Enemy that they must devote Their lives fighting Away ! Hence the reason Why the Paradoxical Purpose of Education is Not to Teach, but to Induce the Ignorance upon which its Academics, particularly Scientists, depend upon so that They then become the Front-Line “Soldiers” who have to fight-off all New Knowledge with their collective Peer Review supporters ! How and Why they Do this is by means of Humanity’s version of Our evolutionary implanted Thalamus /Amygdala Survival Stratagem as explained later (para No.6). WHAT WE ARE 5. Going back to How We Humans evolved is the best way to Understand What We Are as the result ! As Our Human Population on our tiny planet grew in numerical size with People living on the most food productive land, it was the Engineers with Their Tool Making brain chemistry that became the most necessary profession for helping Our Ancestors to adjust to Our Planet as their populations increased in size. From using stones as hammers to crack open nuts and by sharpening bits of rock into knives to skin dead animals and make ropes and threads; Their next jobs came in the Iron age when rafts and boats became possible. Their success as Engineers depended upon controlling and cooperation with Animals and Vegetation and Keeping them separated by growing garden hedges, and most important, also causing the abandonment of Hunting and Gathering as an unnecessary primitive survival strategy ! 6. What in Nature must have evolved concurrently with the Ability-to-Move as perhaps the oldest survival strategy Living creatures like Us Humans and even Insects still have, is the still well censored Knowledge to do with Our Thalamus/Amygdala Danger Signal Response. The effect of it being that when Frightened By anything, is what then provokes the need to ‘Run away’, to ‘Fight’, or to ‘Pray-Not-to-be-seen’, all as the normal robotic responses to Fear as was always well known to our Ancestors. But it was only when modern Nanotechnology brain-scanning Engineers a few decades ago discovered How that syndrome had evolved to function the way it does By processing Fear of anything when it penetrates Our brains, that the Way our brains function actually become known. If at that time Anyone had realised the Importance of the discovery, it should have been They, the Scanning Discoverers who should have gone on to launch on the world the knock-on importance of that discovery to do with Human Behaviour ! But if they Had Done so, because the discovery is similar to the discovery that Money was such a good tool for stealing and parasitising upon the labour of others, it would of course have had to be strictly suppressed, as is what probably happened. 7. S7. So Why should that Thalamus/Amygdala Syndrome discovery be so well censored and strictly suppressed from the Public knowing ? The answer quite simply is that If Known and published, Teachers Could and should Use the knowledge to relegate Wars and most other Human violence to primitive History, where it all should be ! The main sufferers would then be the Financial Beneficiaries of the War Industry; and also people like the Soldiers and Police who as Professionals would then become redundant because of Lack of Job Purpose due to the Absence of Those who do killings and Violence they Now use as `Raw Material` for Processing in Their jobs. Just as Education was set-up to positively Not teach People What-to-Know but to purposely Censor from Them from Knowing What Money is in Reality so They do Not know its Evils, and can continue using the stuff as Their Parasitising tool as said earlier; the Next best Censored Reason for Having formal Education as such, is to purposely Not disclose that Discovery that just By Teaching that Thalamus /Amygdala Syndrome to do with Fear, and also to Not Teach How to control it. Just knowing this still strictly secretised knowledge written here, and by Knowing Why Wars are Fought, would cause both these Highly Lucrative War and Violence Industries to become Impossible ! When Censorship is lifted and People Do Know, Much easier and safer for those likely to be killed in Wars would be to Do the Act of Refusing to fight, which When known about as such, everyone should practice, thus destroying the Highly Lucrative War Industries based upon Fear and Cowardice that stems from Our Amygdala when provoked ! And this applies especially so to the War and Violence Industry because the hardest thing to achieve about Wars and Violence, and now the Terrorist Industry, is to think-up a good logical reason Why People should actually Fight each other, other than for Money ! 8. That deliberately imposed Absence of Knowledge caused By Education is also the Reason Why the War Industry, most Religions and Moneytheism particularly, all as God/god Believers, all Need Fear to compound the degree of Fear and Phobias that without which, Their compulsory and voluntary Adherents would loose Their sense of “Belonging”, and would Vanish ! With the lot, That ‘Sense-of-Their Purpose’ of What-They-Are, all depends upon the Act-of-Fear activating Their Amygdala collectively in every ones brain chemistry ! The Act-of-Countering that Amygdala control, is the Reasons Why Humanity has so many Ism-type Foundations and grouping together Purposes, such as all the Divisions between different People upon which Wars and Religions and Isms all depend For their existence. The brain chemistry involved within Us to sense all this is probably just the same as when Fear of being Alone evolved to cause Fish, Birds and Animals to shoal, flock and herd together, all because of that Amygdala brain chemistry becoming activated By Fear of the many natural dangers they survived ! 9. In contrast to What is just said, a pack of wolves or other predators flocking together to kill a larger animal where Fear as such would only be slight among the wolves, it could also Be the amount of Adrenaline that exudes from the Attacked Victim that drives on the attacking wolves, just like when a frightened dog and frightened People tend to provoke Viscous cattle to charge at them when approaching them In Their territorial field’. It is The Act-of the cattle Sensing the Adrenaline being exuded By Those They attack as being What invites the Hostility ! The Act of Being Together in quantity, like being in swarms of bees and ants, makes the lot feel safer when together, like when being in a crowd of Humans at a consort. But If anything Frightening occurs, and the Adrenaline flows, then there is Panic, and Our Amygdala takes over imposing its Run/fight/pray response ! What is just said is Why We Humans have Wars and all Stupid Violence. And it is that Adrenaline Effect that has also been commercialised by By the Film and Television Industry with all the Violence they display as Fear-of-Fear. Their Purpose is Commercialised Cowardice, all to Do with Evil, and nothing to do with bravery or Altruism or Love ! To put it bluntly, just as the Finance Industry is Anally located feeding upon Human Society’s shit, so also is the Amygdala based Cowardice War and Street Violence Industry also Anal like Shit ! And both such Industries should be treated as being Evil and with contempt ! To compound that Contempt for weapon-wielding Cowards, especially Those in Top Governmental Status like Presidents and Dictators, there should be International Laws which state :- “Anyone Who Orders Other People to Be killed of harmed, Must By Law, kill or harm Whoever Orders Them”. And there should Be Laws which provide Rewards For anyone who Destroys or makes Weapons Unsafe or useless For the Cowards who would otherwise use them ! 10. What must be Taught in Schools and from Religious pulpits is what true Altruism Is in contrast to Cowardice ! Fighting off a Predator as that primordial Survival Thalamus/Amygdala survival stratagem, is like What happens when a single Honeybee deposits its sting in human flesh; the sting being like the spikes of a Hedgehog, designed to deter predators. So also with Bee-stings, except that Bees are small and survive by swarming together like other creatures and Us Humans. When it happens, it is the Adrenaline exuded by the stung person and Stinging Bee as being what provokes the other Bees to come out and sting. And it is that primitive Adrenaline Linked Amygdala ‘Pacification’ that the Act-of-Being-Professional like being a Beekeeper, Soldier, Clergyman and of course, Lawyer, Accountant/Banker; all have to Professionally learn to control when it affects Their behaviour ! The Act-of-Doing-so is what their Professional Training is all about, and They all have to become indoctrinated into dealing with Clients and Victims Amygdales when provoked. When what must be a sense of God Believing Altruism prevails, it is like when a Bee-stings someone as a predator, the Adrenaline then exuded launches the whole swarm into a mass hostile stinging as Altruistic Suicide because bees that Do sting, do not survive. As further Altruistic benefit For the swarm of bee is when the swarm depends on its stored Honey to last until next crop of Spring flowers, is the early deaths of the stinger bees then most benefit those that Do survive in the Hive on What Honey they have; the Act of Being Altruistic itself being Neutral to any Who-For 11. What is just described is to counter the dominance of Primitive Behaviour that Our Humans Ancestors needed to use as being just two of several important basic survival stratagems imposed within Us By Our Evolution, to which We respond robotically as if We are Robots when as impinging stimuli, the need to Respond as such, becomes provoked. One strategy upon which Our Civilisation was built, is What is known as Altruism as being ‘Regard for and benefiting Others’ as probably Humanity’s most important survival stratagem; Doing Altruistic Achievements range from an instant Act like saving someone from drowning or being run-over by a car, to being like a Nurse doing long-time routines chores that Help the Old and sick to prolong Their lives which Without such endowed Instant and continuous long-time Help, they would have died. As Altruistic Virtues, such ‘For-Others’ Job Acts are what should Now be recordable with Modern Technology as Being So, In just the same Way as Paying People with Money For doing the jobs They Do; And with Modern Nanotechnology, it should be the Recipients of Virtues done For them Who should replace the Banking Industry and Their Parasite Money ! With barcode/Identity-card-style Printing of the degree of Virtue done for others, the Recipients of the Virtuous Labour should Print the Providers Salaries !. By Law, Everyone who Helps Others should Now have a right to Print Virtue Money as a “Thank-You” Records of Their Virtue Done, all printed By those to whom They provide Help ! 12. Instead of as Now the Parasite Industry doing the Money Providing as Their tool for Parasitising upon the labour of Others, the Reason for doing that Recording of Virtue Done For Others should firstly Be to Expose the Universal Crucial Difference upon which everything On Our Planet depends for its existence and Secondly to Dis-Ignorantise our Planet’s Human Population about What Money Is, because the Act-of Doing this Exposure is What Education in all its forms was set-up to Positively to Not Do ! And Thirdly, as even more important, instead of Our Planet being managed By the Finance Industry Parasites with Their Self-Enhancing Politicians Stooges as Now, Our Education system must Be changed so as to enable the much maligned Engineering Profession to take-over and manage Our Planet ! 13. So What Is It about Money that it is so Evil as being Why We Humans should Abolish the stuff ? Quite simply the Need to Abolish Money is because of its Use By Evil People as a Parasitising Tool for exploiting the Labour of Other people in a way that has never done any actual Good for Humanity or Nature ! As such, the Existence of Money started from good as an I.O.U. reminder of Virtue done, at the Front ‘Food Input’ end of Humanity’s bodily Needs, and like What We Eat and Drink, It then went through Our Bodies` to the Anus end of Society like Fart and Shit ! The Evil started when like Dung beetles, What is Now Accountant/ Banker-type Criminals, Recycled the I.O.U. stuff with the aid of coin/paper Tokens, and By Means of mostly School Teachers, indoctrinated the Stuff into Peoples brains so much, the Knowledge of Money left no room for most other Intelligence People should have ! The result of that indoctrination to Money is that in the Modern world as Evil Stuff, Causes that chronic brain-stunting debilitatring disease secretly called Moneytheist Amentia Psychoses, which is What Money has become ! With most People who deal with the stuff, its existence is sensed By their brain chemistry evolved for sensing Mum/Dad Authority and then god (small “g”), and it is this usurping of Our God-Sensing brain chemistry that makes Moneytheism into the Worlds greatest and most influential Religion ! And As such, It leaves so little spare brain space for other Intelligence and Knowledge in its Victim’s brains that They just can Not think elsewhere to Do with Non-Money ! 14. And it is Not Their Fault ! As a ‘man-made’ disease, Moneytheist Amentia Psychoses Is Now part of modern Human Nature, like the need to wear trousers and a vest. Nothing else created By Humanity produces so much Absolute Hell as the Absence-of-Money can Cause ! And it is the Fear of that Absence effect upon Our Amygdala brain chemistry, that compounds the Lethal Effect that Money imposes upon Humanity ! Because as such, Money can still be increasingly producer By tongue-wag, scribble or Key-tapping into computers by all who can find ways of doing so; Honest Good People should Now use Their skills to Disclose that the stuff Is just numerals and tokens No Different in Value to What We are taught as being Up/Down, In/Out etc. as being the only actual Value the stuff has in Reality ! Failing to Do so would leave Money to still irrefutably be like an abstruse poison gas detectable as such only By it effect on its Victims. To Non-Victims such as successful Financiers and the Rich, They sense the stuff as if it was the smell of a dinner They have been waiting for, as being the way that Bankers and Accountants sense it, while to the Poor, Money is sensed like a poison gas going down Their noses as a horrible stink ! 15. While Money as such is Still in use By Us Humans, School Teachers particularly must teach the Awareness of the Difference it Causes between the Rich-and-Poor, just as They should teach the Awareness of the difference between the roots of a tree and the trunk, and also the Awareness of One side of a tree-leaf as being asymmetrically different to the Other, and then relate such Awareness’s to Us and Our Bodies and behaviour, as all being similar. From Knowing this, as part of a standard Form of Waveual Motion spread Physically throughout Our Planet and probably thought the Universe since when it all started, By Law, the Abstruse Anticipated effects should be deduced and Exposed well in advance of all Intended constructions and Physical changes that get Planned. Why such logical Futuristic Planning so very rarely happens is Because it involves Money. Nothing like Futuristic Awareness Planning is so very rarely done with out the Lot having to be doused with Money, simply because it would be such Moneytheist Sin to Not Pay the Workers to do so, and far more important because the Sole Purpose of the Planning is for huge Profits for the Financial Parasites at the Anus end of all what is planned To Do ! SELF GOVERNING 16. Doing the Act-of-Governing as Top Status People For Doing so, so should be linked to Cognitive Appraisals so everyone affected Then becomes involved as Self Government. The only Top Status People involved Should Be Those as Trained Professionals Like Sports Referees at Village meeting places and on Up to County and Country Parliaments, Whose jobs would Be to set-Up and Manage Cognitive Appraisals. And instead of Elected Politicians and Dictators, People With Engineering, Medical, Transport, Agriculture and Other Essential Professional Track Records, should become Those Who actually Launch the Cognitive Appraisals, and Not political/Actor-Type Self Enhancers as Now ! Their “Have-Done” and Virtue Currency Records should be the Measure of their Value as such, as perhaps the best Way of putting the most suitable People into the Jobs They should Do. And the Particular C.As. they are Involved With should Be on the Internet and Exposed to the Public in Other Ways, all based upon the notion that Secrecy and Censorship is the tool of Criminals 17. To achieve proper “Government-of-the-People By the People”, all Governmental and all other Intended and On-Going Projects, as Standard Practice, They should all be subjected To Public Exposure, located conveniently near Where Most people Affected can take part, and Not located away in Capital Cities or even in other countries as now ! After suitable advertising and publishing all involved or affected then as a Human Right, send in to Teams of Compositers their Knowledge/opinions etc. which Are then put into Agreed/Precise/Language (A.P.L.) Notions which after suitable Exposure, get numerically voted-upon By all effected as Follows :- “One-to-Ten Against, In Favour”, or “Irrelevant-to-the-Subject-of the C.A.”. What they Vote For as Composited Notions about each subject, should start with “What”, “What-For”, “Who-For”, and “Why-and Because”. And most important with all Planning Projects, the Notion :- “Would the Project Bu Necessary if Money did Not exist ?”. The on-going Results of the C. As. Then become Government Legislation; thus doing away with self-enhancing “Stooges” financed into Governmental Offices to become what should be called Our “Stooge-Oligarchic Governments” (S.O.Gs.). As such, They are staffed By People deliberately chosen For Their Lack of Intelligence, or more often For Their So Professionally clogged-up brains that they can only respond robotically to What They get programmed To Do in Their career Jobs ! And what is just said is Something that applies to all traditional Professions. Hence the Reason Why In our Moneytheistic Professional Societies, Schools should be Freed from anything to Do with Finance, and the time Mothers, Nurses, Cleaners Doctors and Teachers spend manipulating the brains and Behaviour of the Younger Generation, should hopefully Be the first to Use Virtue Currency as being Educational V.Cs’ ! 18. Hence just another of many reasons Why Money should be Abolished So its Non-Existence as such, Does Not contaminate advanced Planning or Futuristic Thinking. Teaching these Differences Should become standard practices, and must also become the Core upon which all Intended Projects are based, and as such the Results must also Then become exposed to the Public Who are likely to be affected By the results, as Cognitive Appraisals’ where all affected Expose their opinions in agreed composited language, and then get the For, Against and Irrelevant Value of their Notions numerically voted upon. Just as in Our Physical Bodies We have lungs, hearts stomachs etc, which We never need to be Aware of unless they do Not Function, so also in our brain chemistry We also have that ‘Go/No-Go’ computer type separating process of ‘Differences between ‘Me-as-separate-from-from-Not/Me’ as a mental tool for being Aware of that Difference, but again Only when provoked into Being Aware ! Now, the Fault with all Governmental and other Planning, is that with the Help of Public Relations Professional Liars, (as standard practice usually promoted By Those with the Money Who Can Do so); currently all future Planning gets put in the hands of Politician-Type Self Enhancers selected particularly For their Lack-of Intelligence and least likelihood to anticipate and become Provoked By Futuristic Consequences, especially those to do with Adversity ! Like the American Finance Industry setting-up the Security Industry to Do the Hugely Lucrative 9/11 New York Towers catastrophe, Nothing could Be more Insulting to such People and Their Professions to suggest that They just Did Not know this from Top-Down ! And the same also applies to those in the War Industry Who set Up Wars as Organised Violence ! 19. What is just said about Planners and Future Intention projects, of course also applies across that primordial Crucial Difference, such as when badly needed Funding is required For Public Benefit Projects. Routinely, the best Project Choosers, have to be the best “Can’t-Be-Done-it” responders. They have to be People with near Zero Futuristic Thinking Abilities or who are susceptible to Bribes, and have nothing to loose as “Fall-Guys” if the Financed projects go wrong, and of course Who can also benefit from the Insurance involved. Linking Ambitious self-oriented People who as ‘Want-to-Bees’, to New Projects and using them for actually promoting the Intended Projects, is another standard Finance Industry stratagem. And Far more important Financially, so is Planning Projects as expensively as possible to affect as large numbers of People as possible with their Awfulness, all as nothing to do with any actual Need to have such ‘Whatevers’, but simply to promote the Need to Dislike, Fear and Oppose the ‘Whatever-it-Is’ as “Inverse Cost Publicity” moves yet more Money for the planners ! That word ‘Inverse’ is what also secretly means the huge Profits that accrue to all Who have to do with the War and Crime Industry that results from the Amount of “Inverse Costly” Damage done When these Evil Industries become activated. To Positively Promote Their Profits Inversely as Standard Practice is done By the Financial Beneficiaries is to set-up and run the Opposition against Their Evils, and there are plenty of such organisations just as happens in the Sports Industry ! In other words, as probably applied to all the Wars of History, any Actual Fighting that happens, serves No Purpose at all, but the Prestige of actually Winning the Wars for all involved, certainly Does, especially for all those to do with the Money that Wars Moves ! 20. If as a result of the French Revolution in Europe in 1789 The victorious Revolutionaries Had been able to set-up and Manage Money By means of Cognitive Appraisals in such a Way that Everyone affected Became Involved, The French could have launcher the Abolition of the ‘Rich-Versus-Poor’ divide on the world ! That the French Revolutionaries Failed-to-Do so was Because the technology and Education was lacking , and the Finance Industry went on to set-up the Wars that Followed to generate the Fear they Needed to Conceal and Suppress the Knowledge of what Money is in Reality ! What followed must have been the Longest On-Going Wars in Human History still being fought where ever possible to Preserve that ‘Rich-Versus-Poor Divide’ upon which Money depends For its existence as a Parasitising tool. And of course it also Preserved the longest and best Censored Knowledge that Humanity still Suffers from which is What Money Is in Reality as described here ! 21. Just as Money was the Cause of the French, Russian and other Revolutions, so also Cognitive Appraisals with their Purpose of Exposing all Knowledge and Valuing It as such, when Published, will automatically become the Worst Enemy of the Media’s Financial Moguls whose sole Purpose Was and still Is to Impose Censorship, all else They Allow to get Published or broadcast, being just Spin-off ! The Evils of Capitalism as such, peaked in World War Two when Russian Communism was taken over By the Financial Industry and became Capitalistised. To do so, The Finance Industry set-up Stalin as Their Financial Stooge, whose job was to Abolish any act-of “Government-Of-the-People By the People” as being Capitalistic Sin. As someone Who personally probably never himself ever killed anyone, just By His tongue-wagging and signature scribbling, Stalin who spent his adult years doused in Adrenaline became “Fall-Guy” for Ordering the deaths of some 30 millions, mostly Communists ! The Blame should Not be assigned to Stalin, but the Stench of Adrenaline within the Environment in which He lived ! Had nuclear Bombs been Available to Stalin, He would have used Them just as President Nixon Did. That such mass killers Nuclear Bombs have Not yet been used since W.W.2., is Because the Financiers Could also be Killed, and also because the knock-on Financial Inverse Cost Prosperity Nuclear Bombs cause, is not so Financially lucrative as other Bombing Reconstructions ! 22. Having an actual Cause For Doing single or Mass Killings is never necessary. Just being told there is a War on is all that was needed to provoke President Nixon in His Safety of distant America to get on the list of the Worlds Greatest Human Killers By Tongue-wag-scribbling the Nuclear Bombing of Japan. The main Cause is Cowardice provoking a high degree Adrenaline Amygdala that Voids away all other Intelligence That Causes People to Kill ! And it is Not just Cowardice, but the Threat of Money Absence or more likely Greed as being all that is Needed to Cause other types of Mass Deaths such as spreading Killer Diseases and Suicidal Terrorist Bombings ! The next most lethal Financial Human Killer after Stalin could have been Whoever it was in the Finance Industry Who bought-up all Bengal’s Rice-crop with Indian rupees in World War Two, which caused Millions of Bengalis (Now Bangladesh) to die of Starvation. The rice was sent to the then War weary Japanese to get them to fight the British and Americans, which they did do very Financially Lucratively ! 23. The Solution to all this lies with the Younger Generation and the Elderly who would most benefit From Cognitive Appraisals. The “Enemy” of Both of Them, the Young and Old, are Now what should Be Regarded as the Working Population or Those with Jobs of all sorts. What puts a Rich-Versus-Poor Money Based Crucial Difference Between Them, is that the Young and the Elderly Become Raw-Material for those With jobs to Process Financially ! And as such the Job Workers have another Crucial Difference between Workers and Managers; and worse still the Managers themselves are separated By an other Crucial Difference between Their Two Types ! puMakes Them “Enemy” is Not Their Jobs Or the Workers, But the Intensity of that brain-stunting Moneytheist Amentia Psychoses at the Top of the Worker Managements or as “Who-For-Appointees” (W.F.As.) (See Para XXX below). As Sick People in Top Stases Managerial/Dictatorial Jobs, to serve their Moneytheist god (small “g”), as Their Priestly Purpose, \to Them, the Younger and Older Generations of Humanity are simply ‘Raw Material’ For Financially Processing By the Paid Workers They Boss ! 23. The Notion that the Need for Money Can actually Be Abolished as should have happened, at least as Early as the French Revolution, to such Moneytheist Managers was and still Is like the notion of Abolishing God/gods and is What robotically provokes that Amygdala Cognitive Dissonance response discussed earlier ! The Good News is that it all only applies to Top Status WFF Moneytheist Indoctrinated Managers, such as Those Indoctrinated into Economics and into the War Industry, the intense Fear and Cowardice that results all making it only too Easy to Have Wars that Kill People, compared to Having Working People Paid only with Virtue Currency or No Money at all ! That Wars still persist wherever They can be set-up is because of The Fear that they Caused and still Do; is all because Wars are such a good On-Going Money Mover for all to do with the Weapons and Personnel involved. Now, the Need for Wars is no different to the Need for different Isms of all sorts, without which there would be No Fear of What They are for; as explained earlier, that Fear being The Purpose of the Existence of the Violence and War and Religiously, the Fear of Not Belonging, all as a good excuse for building “Castles” as Protection From whatever may Provoke that Fear, and also for the Good of Humanity Churches, to which People can Belong ! Because in Our Evolution, that Thalamus/Amygdala syndrome was such an important survival Stratagem, in the Modern World of Our Planet, We no longer need it; but just the fact that it is still There well implanted in our genes, makes Us all Vulnerable to the Run/Fight/Pray Syndrome when It becoming Activated ! And it is this same primitive Amygdala Activation as Such, and Nothing to Do With any “What”, What-For”, “Why” and “Because” etc. that as just That Syndrome and nothing else, By Being Provoked By the Fear of “What-We-Don’t Know” and of “What We Are Uncertain About” that Makes Wars and Man-Made adversities so easily possible ! 24. As what could well Be the best Professional Liar Public Duping Stunt of the 21st. Centaury, or more likely, just that Thalamus/Amygdala syndrome becoming Activated By Abstruse premonitions (and there are plenty of them !), is the term Global Warming with its many Fear-Provoking Uncertainties ! Defending Humanity against Voids of knowledge and Uncertainties became a new type of Military-type Front-Line Defence Heroics, all set-up Financially against New Knowledge that provokes Humanity’s Genetic Amygdala are what are now Known as Scientists ! Like Soldiers, Scientists as a Profession are set-up to Defend Us From Whatever threatens Their Brain Chemistry Indoctrinations, in just the same way that Medical Doctors are Front-line Soldiers defending Our bodies from Body Flesh ailments ! What Scientists and other Professions Do Not Know, by means of that Thalamus /Amygdala Syndrome and nothing else, becomes their Enemy against which they have to protect Their profession. Like the Military, by Herding together into Peer-View defence bunkers until either the Enemy is driven-off or the “Invading Knowledge” has to be acceptable, as Scientists, they then have to surrender to the New Knowledge, just as Professional Soldiers should Do if they are sensible Soldiers, and like Sportsmen Who loose games Do Do ! To Scientists, Warists, and Religious Ismists, By Professionalising Themselves, Their professions as such, then share a common Crucial Difference “Them-And-Us” and even “Them-Versus-Us” Awareness located Between Them. What the Lot all stem from is the Evolutionary implanted ‘Dominant Male/Female’ Syndrome. Without a high degree of Sensing that Awareness of a Particular sort of Knowledge, such as Their Gender, Tribe, Nation Religion etc., (for Bad and mostly Good), their Professionalism over the Years would Become Weak and vulnerable to fading away to extinction. And a major Cause of that Extinction particularly in Science, is when the Knowledge (like the fact our Planet is mostly spherical) becomes Accepted and Dis-Professionalised. 20. A Purpose of a New Profession that should be Taught in Higher Education should be the task of Teaching How to Identify and Categorise the Degree-of-Need for What should be considered to be Abstruse Based Behaviours, as distinctly different from Multi-sensed Physical Behaviour ! One of such Abstrusity Behaviour is the Act-of-Being Tribally National in the present modern world, within Our Now huge Population ! The Notion of Nationalism is something We inherit from Our Parents as something We get born into as such, and then become indoctrinated into One particular Type by our Parents, and Their surroundings environment and language. Like being told what Up/Down are as mere words, the Act of being told and indoctrinated into Knowing the particular Tribe/Nations We Are, We as Humans, would be depriving Ourselves of a very important evolutionary Survival stratagem that has as such, created plenty of brain chemistry in Our Skulls For sensing It. Hence the Reason Why Being in Among People of Our own ilk, is so important, and creates Our Identity as being part of Us in Our Family/Herd, and hence the even Worse that fear of Being Sacked from jobs and being Excluded and Aloneised from Situations where We were working collectively together as a team ! Being Alonised, especially in the older age population, is positive Punishment that within Our huge Human Population with increasing unemployment, is what certainly activates the Fear in Our Amygdala as Disliked ! 21. Unlike Plants growing in Soil as their food, Like other living creatures that have to Move to get food, Our Thalamus/Amygdala syndrome is an essential Surviving tool that controls Us from birth onwards; just because It is There genetically implanted waiting to become provoked by Any Fear. To Us Humanity as a whole, that Amygdala is like a dried up forest waiting for just a struck match to burn the Lot collectively as a Biblical Armageddon ! And it is the positive Ignorance-of-the Armageddon and its consequences that is so frightening, and Not what the Cause or effect will Be. Just What We are taught as Being the Meaning of that Armageddon word if Anything, is all that is needed to make Us positively Refuse to be Told anything More, because We then can only respond Negatively with Run/Fight/Pray. Once Our Amygdala gets activated, all Us People can Do is to positively Refuse to even Want to Know What We are or were told, and this Refusal is the Cognitive Dissonance syndrome which is what most qualifies all Self-Enhancers like Politicians and Appointed Managers for Being in Their jobs ! 22. What again should Be taught in Higher Education, is that Managers come in Two main Types. One type are the Doers, who have the skills and acumen to actually Do with Their ‘Limbs-brains and bodies’ as being What They are, plus Their Ability to think futuristically in a way that Attracts Others to Follow. In contrast, Other sorts of Manager are the ‘Who-For’ Appointees (HFAs.), as being People Who Do What they are Told or are Taught to Do So in Professional ways. It is Such, people Who Guard their Jobs as opposed to Doing their jobs (like Politicians Do), and Who should always be “looking back over Their shoulders to see How their Backing-Up is doing - all else they actually Do is usually simply spin-off, if Not simply to Do with Money ! Famous examples of such Professional ‘Stooges’ managers were Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin in World War Two (All Finance Industry Appointees), and Now all Politicians and the Top People in the Media and other should-be influential Professions ! What They do Is deal with Their ‘Enemy’ as being Those who are after Their Top Status jobs, as being far more important than anything else They Do ! And this means the Target they fight For or Against (if any ?), as ‘Enemy’, is more the Professional “Framework Cage” within which They Belong ! And That Framework, if Not created By Them. It can Be Isms, Companies, Cults, Tribes, and all sorts of Organisations within which as HFAs or Who-For-Appointed job Beers. What They Do as Doers if anything while in their jobs is mostly Spin-offs except When they apply Altruism and Help others, so As such, They also should Have their Own Virtue Currency Ism/Religious Recorders ! 23. In contrast to ‘Who-For’ Managers, with Their opposite Natural Managers it is Just the Fear of Not Knowing that builds-up within Their brain chemistry an Imperative To want to Know and want-To-Do, which is what makes such people into Natural Managers, as being those Who are driven By the Imperative of some personal Need To Do. As such, They Then have to overcome their Imperative To Be in Stases and to Not Do, because No-one Else is going to Help them, and even too often There is No Money to be gained for the Helpers ! As Doers that such rare people Have to be, They are like a Child living near a Tree or a Hill. Because it is There, They get the Urge to Climb it, and like living beside the Sea, because the Sea is There, so is the Urge to defy that Fear the Sea causes, and get out On It or even into It - the term “Negative Orientation” being a good description of that Imperatival Urge to Do ! Being Negative Oriented is also an important Survival Stratagem, because it provokes the “Pray” response in Our Amygdala brain chemistry, and that anticipated Fear Is also What Makes a good Leader, Performer Survivor etc. Without that Negative Orientation, what is often termed Gallantry and Bravery, is simply Insensitivity to possible Failure or even Suicide; but as in Entertainment, Sports, Games and Politics, where Self-Enhancement is the target, and the Reverse Applies - being a Failure is and should be Sport-like acceptable ! Having a strong sense of Belonging to Isms and Religions particularly, should be thought-of as being Negatively Oriented sensitive Towards Their Absence ! 25. In Our Ancestors Evolutionary Race to achieve the best Survival Success, the Imperative-to-Stay-Alive, Linked to Time and Motion as it Is, all has to comply with that Universal Waveual Motion between Infinity Big and Small, which in turn is located on that Universal Crucial Difference that surrounds Our Planet. One Way to sense that Difference is to Be Aware of its location between Gravity’s In-Pull-versus-Gravity’s Out-Push, between which is the Surface of Our Planet, most obviously between Water and Land. Everything Going Down/In towards Our Planets Infinity Small, when it reaches this location on Our Planets Surface and even down-in below it, Then gets reversed (With Distance Time and Motion), Back directionally Out towards Infinity Big, volcanic eruptions being an example. The Ability to think Planetary and to understand Our relationship with Our Planet, should be taught in Schools as being Multi-Sensed Physical, and Not as mere Wowwne Words that ‘With Out Words Would Not Exists’ ! 26. What should be taught is that When the Universe Began out of what must have then been Absolutely Nothing came something which was either God or God’s tool. That Something became Separated Away By a Separator that is now everywhere on Our Planet between parts of our Bodies and between the sides of tree leaves. And It is What then went-on asymmetrically with Time to create the Stars and Planets and then eventually the living things upon Our tiny Planet. That Separator is now ubiquitously everywhere in Nature, and In Us. It is What separates as a Crucial Difference Is between what is our Brain Chemistry and our Bodies, and the result When it Happens, is even like between Good-and-Bad, such as when “But for You and What You did as Good, other People would be Dead or suffering Adversity”, all Meaning in effect that Your Existence as such has produced Virtue From what is Not, with that Crucial Difference Between ! All sorts of Professions and Activities offer such opportunities to be Virtuous, but as Engineers invent better ways if doing ‘Hands-on’ Virtuous jobs, there are less and less Virtuous jobs For people To Do. 27. Humanity has now reached a stage of Evolution when It Can and Does adapt Our Planet to Suit Us Humans, as opposed to Us Humans being shaped By The Environment to which Our Ancestors had to adapt ! What Land and Sea that is available upon Our Planet Where Our Population can survive, is reaching Its quantity limit and as such, it is Us Humans who Use or Destroy what is available now ! Just like going to a Dictionary to learn What words mean in different languages, by merging the huge variety of Our Species into using just one Language, is what Is Now happening, and the Purpose of Education should be to launch everyone on Our Planet into special Departments of Cognitive Appraisalling, as being the different subjects that should be taught in Higher Education, as if Everyone was simply an ingredient of a single ‘Soup’ stirred together in a pot ! 27. Once that Universal Crucial Difference that surrounds Our Planet becomes Universally recognised and understood, To replace What is now indoctrinated Into Us as being Nations, Isms, Faiths, Beliefs and other Wowwne Word dependant Creations, By means of Cognitive Appraisals, exposing all essential Knowledge that is known and Valued about all Separatable Subjects, and that Mass of Knowledge would be then accessible To Everyone on the Internet and Elsewhere, the Existence of Money, Nations, Separate Religions and Isms etc. should then all vanish as being no longer necessary. In contrast, From the Time that Babies are Born, they should have a Personal Right to Belong to what should then be the most suitable Type of Family. All Physical Differences like gender, skin Colour, and even physical Body defects, should be revered as Natures Creations, which in turn should be assumed to Have a Purpose, just as everything upon Our Planet should be assumed to Have a Purpose just because It Is multi-sensed Physically There in existence ! And that Purpose as Such, at least For Us Humans as well as For Nature, should be taught in Schools and Sensed as Being What God (capital “G”) is in reality, Which We sense with Our Mum/Dad/Teacher/Authority Belonging brain chemistry evolved in Our Skulls ! 27. As a New Profession that should stem-off from Higher Education, should be ‘Extrapolateism’, defined as the ‘Historic Study of How our Evolutionary Ancestors extended the Brain Chemistry We now have, from beyond Our sense of Mum, Dad, Teacher, Authority and on to sensing God’. And of course it all should also be related to the Waveual /Oscillating Climate Changes On Our Planet to which Our Evolutionary Ancestors had to Adapt to. Just one example of What Extrapolists should clarify, Is How our Human Ancestors exploited the Diminishing of Gravity’s In-Pull into Our Planet that enabled Our Human Ancestors to Move huge rocks across the Countryside to build Monuments like Stonehenge, as presumably linked To their Sense of God, and of course also build the Pyramids and other large rock monuments elsewhere On out planet ! The big questions that now need answering, are :- “ Back in history When/If Gravity was much less intense than Now, Did our Pre-Modern Human Ancestors jump onto Flying Reptiles like petrosaururs and fly them across continents; and Did that diminished Gravity in-pull on our Planet Reduce the amount of Oxygen On Our Planet millions of years ago, thus causing large animals like Mammoths that ate up the Vegetation go extinct ?” 28. Most Important of all things that the needed Estrapolitists Profession to concentrate Their activities upon and Do, is to Expose the Understanding of the Origin of Oxygen on our Planet, and the ‘Why-and-because’ that caused the Oxygen to so diminish in those millions of Years Ago when the huge mammals like the Dinosaurs and Mammoths went Extinct as most probably due to the absence of Oxygen preceded By the Absence of Vegetation Which had all been eaten By those huge Mammoth Herbivores, thus causing the knock-on Lack-of-Oxygen as the Cause and Need (?) for the Great Extinctions ! Once Humanity has freed Itself from the disease of Money, Isms, and Political Government, and Cognitive Appraisals rule the World, Everyone as Extrapolists should become involved with the knowledge of the location and quantity of Space that They would then need for Their Existence of our Tiny Planet, all in compliance with Their Minimum Needs. 29. Before traditional Industrial Revolution type Mechanical Engineers go extinct from lack of Teaching as seems to be deliberately happening, it should be They, as Engineers, and Not Scientists and Politicians who should be Educated into mechanising the launch of Space rockets and large Aircraft, just by using both Levers and Gravity’s ‘In-pull’ to catapult them out of the range of Our Planets gravity so combustion fuel becomes Not needed. Currently, the only thing that prevents these should-be applied Engineering technologies becoming real, is because Financially the results would all be Too Cheap ! And for this same Reason, so would extracting electricity from the Motion caused By the ‘Down Push’ of Vehicles tyres and rail wheels going down Hills. All this Suppression of Modern Technology is being deliberately Done By the Finance Industry as Being Their worst Enemy that robotically provokes Fear of it all in Their Amygdala ad Their knock-on Cognitive Dissonance ! 30. This Knowledge Suppression is the Cardinal Purpose of Having Our Media in all its forms. Like Soldiers Killing/defending Against what ever become dubbed as “Enemy” solely to enrich the Finance Industry from all the Inverse Cost Prosperity War Damage, so also the cardinal purpose of the Media and Journalists, and of course the Education Industry, is to Suppress all the forbidden Knowledge from being Known ! Hence the Reason Why the lot have to suffer that brain-stunting Moneytheist Amentia Psychoses sickness, imposed among other reasons because Cheap on-site Electricity of any sort would reduce the quantity of Money Moved. Far more financially lucrative would be the big expensive Power Stations on which the Industrial Revolution was founded, and now the largest and most expensively Inefficient Wind Turbines and Solar Panels ! Best censored of all, is of course the strictly forbidden Notion that Electricity is simply that Imperative-to-Like/Dis-Like when separated, as discovered By that North Yorkshire Blacksmiths Son, namely Michael Faraday (1875-1987), and only exists as Electricity When in Separation ! If in Future Humanity ever actually Need Money, then as a Need, Money should only exist like Electricity, When there is a Need-for-It as recorded Human Labour Hands-on Virtue ! 31. As Being the most suitable People to Govern the Human Population on Out Planet, the supreme Target of Engineers, should be to extend Our Human and Environmental Needs to other suitable Planets, without Depriving Our own Planet of scarce resources such as rocket fuel. As mentioned earlier, They should develop lever Catapults to use Our Planets Gravity’s In-Pull to ‘Flip-Up’ up the Space Vehicles to beyond Our Atmosphere, and also have Mini Nuclear Explosions to move them on into Space; and only where Needed, should there be Perpetual Lighting. Other available Technology that should be used and is all There, is the Technology for doing Under-water Farming of our Oceans for Food, in the same way as We Farm the land that is available. All Hunting of Sea fish should be banned, except For species that as predators, Do actual Harm to other more useful species. The technology For doing it all is There, but is all strictly censored Knowledge that should be enacted Now before even more species of edible Sea-fish go extinct from being Human Hunted to extinction as the Finance Industry wants to happen so as to raise the prices and profits of other food ! 32. Paradoxically, it is Not Fishermen Who are responsible for killing-off Sea Fish, but unknowingly to most of Them, the Parasitical Financiers in Their Offices who are responsible for managing the Chemical Industry ! As Professionals, Their Jobs are solely to Maximise Figurey-paper numerals Profits, and far cheaper than safely disposing of waste Chemicals, Their jobs is to dump as Much lethal chemicals as Pollution into the rivers where it Purposely contaminates the River Estuary Fish Breeding grounds, quantitatively killing-off masses of fish and other marine live in millions ! Their best Human ‘tools’ for doing this Polluting are the Chemical Industry Top Managers Who are knowingly the worlds most lethal Killers, with Their Herbicides, Pesticides, and of course Contraceptive Pills making male fish infertile ! And again far cheaper than properly disposing of the chemical waste, The Chemical Industry Financiers Managers bribe the River Authorities to positively Not prosecute Them, except for small fine Prosecutions to Inversely fool The Public that the Rivers are being properly Policed, which of course They are Not ! Just as nothing could be more insulting to All in the Terrorist Industry Financiers to Not assume that it is Their Industry Financiers who deliberately set-up the Suicidal Terrorists as Financially Their ‘raw-material’ for processing as Money Movers, so also it would Be just as Insulting to the Chemical Industry Financiers, to assume that they Lacked the Evil Intelligence to positively Not knowingly do all They can to kill-off as Much Marine Life as Possible, solely so that the Lack of Fish as Food keeps up the price of all other Food ! 33. Hence the Need for Abolishing money and for Applying Cognitive Appraisals as the Way to abolish those Financially installed (WFA) “Who-For Appointees” Managers and Politicians and replace what is Now commonly Known as Civil Servants with “Compositers” whose jobs would be to get All Governmental Planning and Intentions Exposed to the Public and Cognitive Appraisaled into Actions. What are Now Known as different Industries and Professions such as Farming, Housing, Transport and the Medical Industry etc., should set-up Their Own Cognitive Appraisal Central Compositers in such a Way that Everyone has the Facilities to Know What is going-on and What is intended, if only So They do Not have to rely on the Media for News. Without Money as a brain-Stunting Disease, (Apart from Sports), the Only Competition that should be allowed should be for the Degree of Virtue accrued to the Doers when the Jobs are done, ass as should show-up on Identity Recordings ! Without Money the Need for Good Actions to become necessary, such as stopping Deserts spreading over Farmland of stopping Reservoirs drying up, should provoke immediate “Can-Do” Doers, as opposed to involving Parasitical Financiers, as happens Now. Quite one of the most Important Jobs that would result from the oscillation Of Our Planet causing Climate change, would be to make Use of derelict land such as Deserts, all as probably quite impossible To Do if Financial Parasites are Involved ! To maximise the Inverse Cost Prosperity (I.C.P. which in War is all the lucrative bombing damage reconstruction), need a conspicuous hopefully expendable Oppositions from Those Against Them provoke Promotional Publicity from all affected ! Public, thus generating the sort of Fear that an Axe used to cut down a revered park tree becomes to all the Who-For needed to provoke the Amygdala in the brain chemistry of all affected, thus putting all Other Reasons outside the range of intelligence of Those affected, to Understand ! A good example of this last, was the Need to set-up Fascism after World War One when the French Revolution against Money and that Rich/Poor Divide being compounded By the Industrial Revolution Financial Moguls promoting all Job-Destroying Engineering inventions, thus turning the Fear of Joblessness into a very good Amygdala Intelligence shut-down. St |Mone was still festering uo being the Future Profits from the Whatevers that are intended, and the other to Fight-of the Fear of adversity, between which are all the other reasons. But as They, the Finance Industry exude it to People on Our tiny Planets surrounding Water/Earth/Air crucial Difference Separator surface (See para. No. again), the Stuff then stinks like shit and Is also when it is most lethally Poisonous ! Instead of being just I.O.U. token Reminders of Virtue Done, the stuff called Money, Finance etc. (it gets numerous names); as such becomes a Poisonous pesticide-type mass killer down in on Our Planets Infinity/Small surrounding surface, onto which it gets then exuded like Stinking Shit ! 12. Because Money as a Parasitising tool has become so intensively engrained into the brain chemistry of so many of Us, especially those on the Rich side of the Rich/Poor divide, To The Rich, just the notion of Abolishing Money would be like abolishing Water or God, all something They would Not allow their brain chemistry to even consider doing ! And this means that To overcome the mostly still Unpublishable Notion that Money Could in fact be done away with in its entirety, will need to be done in stages, following prototype trials within different communities. Such Communities should be where within suitable boundaries (like being on an Island, a tight-knit village where everyone knows each other, and later, expand to town and regions and eventually the whole Planet. The Degree of using Virtue Currency or No Money at all, should be the Measure of Human Virtue Across Our Planet ! 13. And of course, the Acts of Doing so should be linked to Cognitive Appraisals so everyone affected becomes involved. As yet more strictly censored Knowledge; C.As. are the Notion that to achieve proper “Government-of-the-People By the People”, all Governmental and other Intended and On-Going Projects should be subjected To Public Exposure, located conveniently near Where Most people Affected can take part, and Not located away in Capital Cities or even in other countries as now ! After suitable advertising and publishing all involved or affected then as a Human Tight, send in to teams of Compositers their Knowledge/opinions etc. then put into Agreed/Precise/Language (A.P.L.) Notions which after suitable Exposure, get numerically voted-upon By all effected as Follows :- “One-to-Ten Against, In Favour”, or “Irrelevant-to-the-Subject-of the C.A.”. What they Vote For as Composited Notions about each subject, should start with “What”, “What-For”, “Who-For”, and “Why-and Because”. The on-going Results of the C. As. Then become Government Legislation, thus doing away with self-enhancing “Stooges” financed into Governmental Offices in what should be called Our “Stooge-Oligarchic Governments” (S.O.Gs.) staffed By By People whose Intelligence is Deliberately too diminished or clogged-up so that they can only respond robotically to What They get programmed To Do in Their careers, as being something that applies with all traditional Professions. Hence the Reason Why In our Moneytheistic Professioal Societies, Schools should be Freed from anything to Do with Finance, and the time Mothers, Nurses, Cleaners Doctors and Teachers spend manipulating the brains and Behaviour of the Younger Generation, should hopefully Be the first Virtue Currency ! ____________________________ ___________________________ What badly needs to become Identified and taught-in-Schools along with C.As., is the Crucial Difference between Brain Doers and Body Doers. Like an Electric Oven when switched On or a Pilot flying an Aircraft, they are Doers. With the Oven Switched off and the Pilot on the ground in bed, Nominally they are the same, but Not so in Reality. What is just said, is What Professionalism is all about, as the Act of confining The Knowledge and the former as Being within their Professional Fence., hopefully Being Paid for What they Do. being those who without Their Conscious Awareness brain activation being focused upon the Job they are doing like when flying an Aircraft; as such, in Their Professional jobs, They most of Their time simply just Don`t Do, like when an air-pilot is on the Ground and in bed, and are still Being Paid Money as Nominally a professional Air Pilot; except that he is Not up There in the Air piloting ! Other similar Nominal Jobs are Firemen waiting for a Fire they are paid to put Out, Teachers in empty classrooms, and Clergy associated With empty Churches. With the Lot as examples and others, they all still have to be Fed just as They would be if stranded in a Boat in the open sea where Money would Be Useless ! It is in such situations that Virtuous Jobs then show up and should Be Recorded, like when a person in such a situation would Be Whoever pulled fish on board that could be eaten, and removed Salt from seawater so it could be drank ! _________________________ Again what should be taught in Schools, is that Our Human Population On Our tiny Planet with Our huge Population is like those Humans who became stranded on a lonely Boat in Universal space. It Could be that Our Purpose in Universal Space is as it were, solely to drink desalinated seawater called “Money” and pass “fish” through their bodies from mouth to anus as an Act-of-Moving Money ! It is a if over the Millennia that Money has as such existed, from physical I.O.U. tokens, just the Nominalization of Money in our languages has left no space For other brain chemistry to develop in Our Skulls ! To Dis-Nomalityise Money would be as difficult as persuading those people in a boat to Not Drink fresh water or eat Fish. Hence the Need for when Cognitive Appraisals become the Practice of Governing, top of the list of Notions that have to be voted upon numerically after the “What ?” that the C.A. is about, would be its “What-For ?” XXX 10. As something that should be taught in Schools and Publicly known as “Nominal Statusism”, again is something that Caused Schools (for good-and-bad) to exist as ‘Tools to Impose such Professions upon the Public’, What are acceptably Known as Professionals and Professions. The brain chemistry We Humans have evolved in our Skulls for sensing Dominant Male/Female/Authority, has gone on to evolve what in modern times is Professionalism which as such is located upon one side of a primordial Crucial Difference, on the other side of which is just knock-on Awareness of its existence as being Nominal ! It is like the Difference between “Beers” and “Doers”. In all Professions, where Both Can Do, but most of them Don’t Do except When they absolutely have-to; all Professionalism as such depending upon its degree of “In-It-For-Me” for Those involved, and Not always upon What Professionals Do. And it is that Crucial Difference that People should be taught to be Aware-off ! 11. When the Universe Began out of what must have then been Absolutely Nothing and Then started from something (God or God’s tool) that as Something became Separated, That Separator is What then went-on asymmetrically with Time to create the Stars and Planets and then eventually the living things upon Our tiny Planet. That Separator is now ubiquitously everywhere in Nature, and In Us. It is What separates as a Crucial Difference, between what is our Brain Chemistry and our Bodies, and the result When it Happens, is like when “But for You and What You did, other People would be Dead or suffering Adversity”, Meaning in effect that Your Existence as such has produced Virtue ! All sorts of Professions and Activities offer such opportunities to be Virtuous, but as Engineers invent better ways if doing ‘Hands-on’ Virtuous jobs, there are less and less Virtuous jobs For people To Do. Humanity has reached a stage of Evolution when Humanity Can and Does adapt Our Planet to Suit Us Humans, as opposed to Us Humans being shaped By The Environment to which Our Ancestors had to adapt ! What Land and Sea that is available upon Our Planet Where Our Population can survive, is reaching its quantity limit and as such, it is Us Humans who Use or Destroy what is available now ! Just like going to a Dictionary to learn What words mean in different languages, by merging the huge variety of Our Species into just one, is happening, and that One having just one language, the Purpose of Education should be to launch everyone on Our Planet into special Departments of Cognitive Appraisalling, as being the different subjects that should be taught in Higher Education, as if Everyone was simply an ingredient of a single ‘Soup’ stirred together in a pot ! Stemming from the high degree of development from that Mum/Dad/God-sensing brain chemistry evolved in Us collectively By Our Evolution, and stemming from the fact that our Skulls can only hold a limited amount of Knowledge, all our basic Professions should become Cognitive Appraisal-Based, wherever They have an easily identifiable Crucial Difference separator between Them ! And a good one to start with is Gender that Crucial Difference between Male-and-Female. Another basic Evolutionary Crucial Difference linked to Our Time-sensing brain chemistry, is age-span. Think of all the Human Food We Humans and domestic animals eat, and What would have happened if our Ancestors had Not learned to preserve Their special seeds ! A third very Humanity-linked Crucial Difference is that to do with the land-Space we Humans need for living upon ! And as Our population increases, and only Then should the Experience of Intrinsic Value prevail, which Because it is Appreciated, that Appreciation should be What Us Humans regard as Being of top Value. A good example being the Appreciation that Loving children show to their Loving parents and Friends, as perhaps the best definition of What top Human Value should Be. What Should Not be revered in the same Way, is Dominant Male Femaleism, particularly that to do with Top Statusism as a tool for achieving Self Enhancement, particularly Where Money is a helpful Tool for that Self-Enhancement ! XXXX To help each other to exist Isms are an at least Human survival stratagem for co-existence. Their existence is just like as if They are an extra branch growing off from the trunk of a tree as a survival stratagem that reaches more light as successful, or less light as failure. It is as if Religions and Isms, because of Their foundation being Fear, loose all sense of Purpose, just as domesticated cattle and Animals do when they receive a higher degree of the Imperative-to-Like as compared to the Dis-Like of having to survive on Their own in the wild ! By usurping the most Adult end of the brain chemistry evolved in Our skulls for sensing Mum/Dad, Authority and God (capital “G”), the Moneytheist Parasites use Money as a Weapon that like spears, guns, poison-gasses and nuclear bombs, the end result of which Moneythestically being the Amount Numerical Money Moved, of and Nothing else. It is as if as Parasites, the Finance Industry is located at Society’s Anal end, the amount-of-Financial Shit as Inverse Cost Prosperity or bomb damages and sunk ships exuded By a good destructive War is all that matters to the Ismists in the War-based Industries. In contrast, the God/god believing or indoctrinated Religionists, concentrate at the ‘Input’ end of Human Society, like breeding the maximum number of Babies possible ! Any actual Death that results, from Wars is contrary to Money-heistic Interests, andGod/god believing Isms, because it is Living People who best Move the quantity of Religious People and also Financial Numerals. Both Top Status Moneytheists and adherents of God/gods in Their Cathederals are the real People Who Rule the World. By Counterfeiting I.O.U.’Tokens called Money which they ‘tongue-wagged’ into existence as Their parasitising tool; from Top Down, The Moneytheist Religion rules the World by imposing the Rich-Versus-Poor Divide, and by imposing maximum Fear of being on the wrong side ! And What those Evil Parasites soon discovered, was the fact that the positive Absence of the counterfeited I.O.Us. they tongue-wagged tokenised into Money, just By creating the absence of the stuff, was a wonderful way of Killing people with Misery and Starvation ! Paying Money to deprive People of Their Food was, and still Is a wonderful Way of ‘stealing’ food and depriving People of their basic needs. And an example of this happened in World War Two when the Financiers used paper Rupees as Indian Money to buy-up most of the rice crop from Bengal which was the “Rice-bowl of India” and sent it to Japan to induce the Japanese to induce Them to fight the British and Americans. The result of this Evil Act became so lethal to Human and edible Animal life, that the resulting silent deaths of millions of Bengalis (now Bangladesh) who died of Starvation in that still unpublished ‘Secret Famine’, was numerically probably far more than all the War Casualties killed by both sides in that Asian Area of World War Two ! (This Author was There !). Another just as Lethal way of killing People with Money is to use those tongue-wagged/paper coin tokens to Commercialise Human Cowardice in ways that not so much killing people to enrich undertakers as a spin-off, but essentially to destroy and create the Lucrative Need for For More ships to sink and buildings to be re-built, all as being What is secretly known as Inverse Cost Prosperity. I.C.P. was to cure the Great Financial Depression of the 11920/30s War as the Reason Why the Finance Industry set it all up, and before that, also the not so Inverse Cost Prosperous World War One. The “Hundred Years Wars” that preceded W.W.1. in Europe were a good way of generating the Fear that was needed After the French Revolution to suppress the “Botton-Up” need for the Poor to oppose The Parasitising Rich. What stopped the post-French Revolution protests Against the Rich, was the Engineers launching on the World the Industrial Revolution, and filling factories with what would have been unemployed People hostile to the Financially Rich. It was the Engineering Profession who in the 21st Centuary pushed the Unemployed up into huge numbers By mechanising the ‘Hands-on’ work that they Did. The only good that Money as an Invention ever did for Humanity was to create the Need for Education. Before Education as such happened, it took a whole Village to raise children so when as Adults, they fitted in with Their environment and community. And the only ambition that mattered for everyone was Their success at being appreciated By Others For the Good that They did for Others; and that ‘Good’ had to be well voided of ‘In-it-For-Me’, which in modern terms, should mean ‘Helping Others as a duty that gets done without being Paid or because the ‘Who-For’ that They do it is Not Relations, or for self Benefit’. In other words, for Humanity to survive so successfully as We Do on Our Planet, like insects and other social creatures, the reason is because of Our high degree of “Collective Virtue” which was and still should be Our Purpose on Our planet ! This last, Collective Virtue or C.V. is What Humanity, animals fish, insects and other species, and even Vegetation; all need as their best strategy for Survival on our Planet. So much so Do We Humans sense the need For that Collective Virtue, that like ‘What-We -Eat becomes What-We-Are’, so also does the need for Knowing and being Aware of the Need created in Our skulls the particular bits of Our brain chemistry We need for sensing the existence of Mum, Dad, Authority and most important, even a sense God (capital ‘G’). What is probably Our sense of “Belonging” is done with this particular brain chemistry. And the important thing to note, is that both God and “god” (small ‘g’) can be and too often Is, anything that usurps the use of that God sensing brain chemistry ! And of course in the Modern world, What does very much usurp Peoples God-Sensing brain chemistry, is the indoctrinated into it as being Moneytheism, the worship of Money ! Ever since the invention of Money on the Monsoon swept coasts of Asia, and probably also long before, there has been a strong Human Awareness In Our brain chemistry Of the Need to sense that God-like sense of wanting to know Who/What created Us upon which Religions are based. Only in recent centuaries after Our Human tool-making brain chemistry in the skulls of Engineers had invented the Telescope and other technology for extending the range of Our Human sense organs, did irrefutable Facts about the Origin of the Universe escape the Fiction upon which primitive God/god believing religions had to reliy upon as Their particular explanations, and which should now all be relegated into History as myths. And most important, the same should apply to Moneytheism. Where most Religions and Indoctrinated Beliefs stem from the Act-of Doing Good in accordance with that Collective Virtue Motive, Moneytheism is the exceptional reverse of Virtue ! So much so in fact does this Apply, that the Act-of Money Worship should be regarded as being a brain-stunting Disease, namely Moneytheist Amentia Psychoses ! As probably lethal heresy to most religions, the latest Engineers Explanation for the Origin of the Universe and Us Humans all starts from the irrefutable notion that there was the Existence of Absolutely Nothing before it all began ! That absolute Nothing then became interrupted By a Crucial Difference between itas Nothing and Something. Either that Crucial Difference was Motion, Time, Distance, and Imperatives like Being Alive or what is Now Our Imperative to Like/Dis-Like. Or quite likely those Imperatives, or rather the degree-of-Our Awareness of Them, were and still Are, what We sense as being God (capital ‘G’ again). Or more likely the Lot of them were created By God as the tools for Engineering the Universe into existence out and Away from that Absolute Nothing ! How SHe as God must have done it. was to Separate Away Something From-that Nothing. That Separator, if Not being in reality itself What God Is, was and still Is, Gods basic Engineering Tool ! The Result of its existence can be seen ubiquitously in tree leaves, membranes in all their many forms, in Our Bodies, and most importantly , surrounding Our Planet as the Crucial Difference Between Land and Water, and Gravity/Antigravity ! Very likely, What We senses as being Gravity, Our Imperative-to Like/Dis-Like, and even What is different between being Alive and Dead, and of course Electricity, are all the same thing in different Container locations ! What is just said about God and before that about What Money is in Reality are probably irrefutably the most Censored Knowledge in at least the English Language ! Once taught in Schools as it should-be, and becomes known as such, Huge swaths of the mostly Town/City based populations, particularly all those whose jobs depend upon Money, all should be Without Work ! And unlike the Secret Bengal Famine mentioned above, the Good news Now, is that there would still probably be enough Food on Our Planet to keep those Moneytheist and god believing (small “g”) Religionists on their Bums ! Thanks to the Engineering Profession with its Inventors evolving ever better “Hands-Off” ways of feeding Ourselves and managing Our Motions on our Planet, They have donated to Humanity the Ability to spend most of Our Lives in Bed and upon Our Bums - all something that would Not have been possible when Our Ancestors came out of the African Swomps and ceased being Homo Aquaticus ! From the time the Universe started from whatever it was that separated Something-from-Nothing; that Crucial Difference that Did the Separating and went on to creating Our Planet and what is On it such –things like Us Humans –which as God or a tool God uses, still does that Separating Waveually between whatever with Time Is on one side, away-and-back to what Is on the Separator’s other side.

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