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General Election: Vauxhall Anticapitalist Campaign goes from strength to strength

30 April 2010

Workers Power are working all out to put forward the anticapitalist message to tens of thousands of people in South London before the election on Thursday. John Bowman reports more…

Labour and the trade unions must challenge the immigration myths

29 April 2010

The so-called ‘Bigotgate’ scandal – resulting from Brown’s comments after talking to a Labour voter concerned about immigration – tells us a lot about the mainstream parties' attitude to the 'immigration issue' argues Luke Cooper more…

Drinkall for Vauxhall: for the millions, not the millionaires

Anticapitalist Manifesto for 2010 General Election

All three main parties – Labour, Tory and Lib Dem – are preparing massive cuts in jobs, pay, college courses, benefits and healthcare after the election. That’s why the working class needs a new party of our own. A party that says: we didn’t cause the credit crunch, so we’re not going to pay for it! And that is why a new force – the Anticapitalists – are standing Jeremy Drinkall in the Vauxhall constituency in the 2010 General Election more…

Dudley - fascists riot again, Mosque attacked as police deal out repression to antifascists

6 April 2010

• Tensions rise between Unite Against Fascism and local antifascists • Antifascist march breaks free from police kettle repression

No cuts in services, pay or pensions

Leaflet to the "Defend Public Services" demo 10 April 2010

The bosses and bankers caused the crisis – make them pay *** Tax the rich to fund a massive programme of public works *** Support strike action and a new, anticapitalist party to defend our services more…

Editorial: Vote Anticapitalist

Workers Power 344 - April 2010

This special issue of Workers Power magazine comes at a very important time. more…

Greece: resistance continues

Workers Power 344 - April 2010

Greece’s credit rating has been downgraded after the announcement of its austerity programme last month. more…

Troops Out of Afghanistan Now!

Workers Power 344 - April 2010

One issue that none of the main parties will be campaigning on in this election is the war in Afghanistan. Why? Because Labour, Tory and Lib Dems all support it, while the majority of the people don’t. more…

Vote for Socialist and Labour candidates

Workers Power 344 - April 2010

As Gordon Brown calls the most closely contested UK election since the 1970s, Dave Stockton calls on workers to vote for anticapitalist and socialist candidates in the 40 constituencies where we can, and for Labour everywhere else in the country more…

Workers' guide to the 2010 elections: the parties

Workers Power 344 - April 2010

Is that the choice we have? We look at the parties contesting the election more…


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