The APP v HLS – Kick them in the Djangoly's

Jonathan Djangoly claimed he feared reprisals from animal rights activists due to his support for the vile Huntingdon labs so dipped into taxpayer pockets (including those of the ‘animal rights activists’) in order to furnish himself with the new security gates at his home. The bare faced cheek of it!


Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is a contract testing operation comprising a small shady network of windowless installations in remote locations.
The Huntingdon Research Centre is the best known and biggest of these. HLS was established to profit from the utilisation of living animals to test products upon. This in no way assures the safety of said products it simply buys a safety certificate. The difference is everything.

HLS has five sites, two in the UK and two in the USA. HLS are the largest contract testing laboratory in Europe and is the most exposed laboratory in the world.

In recent years they have been infiltrated and made public on no less than seven separate occasions, exposing workers committing horrific animal cruelty including punching baby beagle dogs in the face and forcing poisons down their throats, gross misconduct, incompetence, manipulating test data and so on and so forth. There is a wealth of publicly available material which utterly discredits this supposed ‘centre of excellence’. This place has been granted an unprecedented level of support from government and the unsuspecting taxpayer and it struggles to survive but each day it does 500 die.

Video footage and photographs taken inside HLS by undercover workers and journalists are compiled here: This material is not pretty and the research cannot possibly be healing, but if you want to understand what is being done in your name and the name of medical progress then you should step in and have a look.

HLS have about 70,000 animals caged at any one time including rabbits, cats, hamsters, dogs, guinea pigs, birds and monkeys, rats and mice. The hundreds of daily victims of this aberration are poisoned with household products, pesticides, drugs, herbicides, food colourings and additives, sweeteners and genetically modified organisms.

There are many examples of pointless experiments carried out at HLS and here follows a sample. HLS test anything for anyone who wants a product passed as ‘safe’. Remember every drug or product that is withdrawn because of serious side effects, every pesticide that proves to be carcinogenic, every stupid 'new and improved' household product that we don't need, Huntingdon will have forced that product down the throats of thousands of animals and then passed it safe just for it later to go on to maim, harm and kill humans. It is tragically stupid but hidden behind the broad banner of ‘medical research’ it thrives.

A 1998 edition of the Toxicologist magazine described how Huntingdon had tested nicotine on rats and rabbits. Convulsions and tremors were recorded in both species.

In 1990 Huntingdon carried out tobacco experiments on rats. These were done by the particularly nasty method of Inhalation toxicology, which means that the animals are forced to breath in the fumes like the ones pictured.

Another ‘life saving’ experiment from 2004 on pregnant rats; this time, testing the chemical n-Propyl bromide. What HLS fail to mention is that this chemical is a “solvent used for the cleaning of metal surfaces, removal of soldering residues from electronic circuit boards, and as an adhesive solvent”.

This chemical has been under dispute for many years and a vast array of experiments have already been conducted on rats in an attempt to establish whether it has an effect upon the health of adult humans and unborn babies.

During this experiment, HLS forced pregnant and lactating female rats to inhale the chemical in varying doses by placing them in tube-shaped inhalation devices not much bigger than their bodies. This was not only to see the effect on the mother rats but the unborn and already weaning babies. The rats, numbering over 50 adult females and numerous babies, were forced to inhale this substance for a total of 31 days. Once the experiment was completed, the rats were all killed and dissected to have their internal organs weighed and examined.

This chemical has been in use for many years, with large amounts of workers having already been exposed to it. Debate still remains in both scientific and industry arenas over the safe level of exposure; while one paper clearly shows that rats have fertility problems when exposed to the chemical, others prove it to be entirely safe.

In effect, groups and health protection bodies are arguing over which toxicity category to place the chemical, pointing out continuously that there is “insufficient evidence”.

Finally, the Health and Safety Executive of the UK (UK HSE) sum up this problem by pointing out:

“... it is not possible to judge which studies provide the most relevant model for humans.”


In 2004 SHAC was leaked top secret experiments that had taken place at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

These disgusting tests were carried out on behalf of two Japanese customers of Huntingdon namely Daikin Industries of Osaka and the Japan Refrigeration of Air Conditioning Association (JRAIA) of Tokyo.

The experiments on this page were to test HCFC 22 and HCFC 32. HCFC 22 has been banned in many countries and is due to be phased out all across the world.
You may ask how can these experiments be legal for products that have been and are in the process of being banned? You tell us. The next time you hear an MP, Huntingdon or a newspaper waffling on about life-saving research remember these experiments.

In the last few years we have exposed Huntingdon as testing on mice, rats, rabbits, dogs and primates products such as cannabis, perfume ingredients and the artificial sweetener Sucralose to name but a few. Life saving research? Where is it?

Huntingdon are a commercial company and according to their own brochures most of their work is for chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and household products.

These experiments were leaked to us solely due to the Japanese customer campaign. These tests were carried out by a nasty method called inhalation toxicology. The photos on this page are carbon copies of what is described in these experiments.


These tests were carried out on 9 beagles aged 7 months old from B+K Universal near Hull, England.

These tests lasted in all for 5 months and can be read more fully in pdf format below, Please bear in mind that the Pdf's are are only selected sizes to keep file sizes down but you will gain a full insight into the experiments from reading the pdf's. SHAC holds the full experiments.

To give you an idea the clinical signs observed during the experiments include:

"Dog number 1185 trembling struggling...trembling nervous, 1181 pulling back in sling, struggling...1179 severe head tremors and whole body shaking...1187 closing of eyes, drooping of head, head supported by sling, slow deep breathing, staggering in sling, semi consciousness...1183 shaking of head, unconsciousness....1173 closing of eyes, hindlimbs splayed, unresponsiveness to stimuli."


These tests were carried out mice that were only 7 weeks of age and were from Charles River Ltd , Manston, Kent.

Some of the clinical signs of this test were:

"Group 1...loss of balance, eyes half closed...Group 3...hyperactive grooming , reduced locomotion...Group 4...paddling of forelimbs, very unsteady, eyes half closed, whole body tremors."


SHAC received documents from inside HLS's Suffolk Laboratory revealing drug taking, drunk workers carrying out experiments, as well as a baboon escaping from HLS's Huntingdon site and running across the A1.

Read more

2000 - 2003

The largest ever leak of documents from a vivisection laboratory was shown to the Daily Express and published. Soon after an injunction was obtained to prevent the public knowing any more about controversial experiments being carried out on wild caught baboons. In 2003 the injunction was overturned after a two and a half year court battle, and now you can read for yourself was HLS so desperately tried to hide.

Read more

SPLENDA (Coffee Sweetener)

Splenda is the brand name for Sucralose and is made by Mcneil Speciality Products who are in turn owned by Johnson & Johnson.

In 2000 a series of reports were published by Permagon press detailing how thousands of animals had been experimented on at Huntingdon to test an artificial sweetener sucralose. These were particularly nasty experiments carried out on dogs, monkeys, rabbits, rats and mice. 12,800 animals died at HLS during this study.

One of the aims of the experiments was to see the effect on the central nervous system of the animals and in turn the animals were given massive doses of sucralose. Serious questions have been raised as to the safety of sucralose yet here it is widely available in many service stations, Pret a Manger and Starbucks to name a few outlets. We invite anyone reading this to enter sucralose or splenda into a Google search and read the detailed and widespread evidence on the dangers of sucralose.

In the Home Office's own guidelines primates are only to be used for 'serious' studies. These experiments amongst many others make a mockery of this. Animals died for what? Sugar.

We can all sleep safely in our beds at night knowing that kind people at Huntingdon Life Sciences are testing for our childrens' safety and for their future...oh and if you believe that you need your head examining. Click here to read the Daily Mirror article about HLS testing Splenda.

Where are they?

Huntingdon Life Sciences
Woolley Road
PE28 4HS
Tel: 01480 892 000
Fax: 01480 892 205

Huntingdon Life Sciences
Barric Lane
IP23 7PX
Tel: 01379 644 122
Fax: 01379 678 034

Huntingdon Life Sciences
100 Mettlers Road
East Millstone
New Jersey
NJ 08873
Tel: 001 732 873 2550
Fax: 001 732 873 8513

Life Science Research Inc
320 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
Tel: 001 410 659-0620

Life Sciences Research Inc
401 Hackensack Avenue, Floor 9,
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Tel: 001 210 525-1819







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