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Your candidate in Chelsea & Fulham: Godfrey Spickernell

It all starts in Chelsea and Fulham

Besides our national policies, we would work closely with Chelsea & Fulham’s residents to make sure that this constituency remains a great place to live, with excellent public services for all. To begin with, however, we have identified three environmentally related issues specific to Chelsea & Fulham that we would prioritise.

Heathrow Approach Noise

Much of the constituency is blighted by low-flying aircraft on final approach to landing at Heathrow. While there is little that can be done in the short term, we believe that: • the ban on night flying should be strictly enforced and if anything extended; • wider angles of approach should be used in rotation, in addition to the half daily runway alternation, giving periodic respite to more people, and prior notice should be given of the routes that will be used; • In the long term Heathrow should be replaced by an airport in the Thames estuary with good rail links to West London, and overflight of densely populated areas should be avoided as far as possible.


• Chelsea and Fulham are low-lying areas, and Flood Street is not called that for nothing. We are assured the Thames barrier will deal with flooding at least until 2060, which is some 50 years away. As this is such an important matter we would like to make double sure that everything will indeed be fine, and to examine and promote options for even greater long-term security. Landowners often need to think more than 50 years ahead.

Transport Links

• The district line service down to Wimbledon has been inadequate for years. The constituency might benefit from a new tube line on an axis from Richmond to Green Park with various stations in Fulham, Chelsea, Sloane Square (with easy interchange to District and Circle lines) and up to Green Park (with easy interchange to other lines). • The stations at Putney Bridge and Parsons Green could be improved, and access for disabled people and the elderly made easier

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