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Talking  Sense

What?s the  choice  ?


Tired of choosing between three major parties none of which seem interested in ordinary working people?s cares or concerns ? That?s how establishment politics backed by our media moguls works. A ?choice? of three unpalatable options, all variants on the same theme, all supporting the EU !

What else is there ?

The Greens. The Melons. Far left disguised in ?caring? camouflage.

UKIP is only concerned with Europe with no experience in local politics.

English Democrats, want to vote for the BNP but do not have the nerve.


A Tough  Stance  on Crime

We stand for putting police back on the beat, re-opening local community police stations and minimizing police paperwork. Tougher treatment for criminals including the return of capital punishment. Protection of our children made a priority. Targetting of cyber crime. We do not believe the expensive and intrusive ID cards scheme will prevent crime only harsher sentencing deters criminals. Drugs require a zero tolerance policy. The Justice system should benefit the victim not the offender.

Europe And  Immigration

Economic immigration will cease. The influx of immigrant low skilled workers impoverishes our own workers, undermines social cohesion and displaces communities. We will hold a referendum on withdrawing from Europe and all its commitments.

Where  We  Stand On Key  Issues  ? The  Constitution

We will stop tinkering with our traditions and restore the balance between England and other members in the Union. Introduce a Bill of Rights to safeguard our traditional freedoms. We will rescind the ?Human Rights Act? and withdraw from the Geneva Convention on Refugees Postal voting will be restricted to the elderly and disabled. There will be only one code of law in the UK.


We will concentrate on teaching the ?3 R?s? at primary school to end the scandal of underachievement. Discipline and traditional teaching methods will be restored ie. Phonics. Free University, Higher Education and Vocational courses will return for students. The emphasis would be returned to learning, not meeting set targets.


We will restore traditional standards of service and cleaniness. Management roles will be reduced and resources diverted to provide badly needed efficient nursing, midwifery and ancillary staff. The NHS needs well trained medical staff not inefficient tiers of managers. We will make the treatment of all a priority and end the postcode lottery that exists.


A strategy based on armed neutrality and the withdrawal from EU/NATO commitments. British forces will be given sufficient funding to ensure our forces are properly equipped. We will reverse the decline in the size of our navy and air force. The ?Military Covenant? will be honoured and ex-service personnel will be given full entitlement to all services civilians take for granted.