◊ Brief Manifesto

Published date: 2008

1. Stop all further immigration and start a programme of voluntary repatriation of non-European immigrants back to their lands of ancestral origin.

2. The formation of an independent England, with an English Parliament, in a federal British Isles.

3. The return of Capital punishment for Murders, Paedophiles and treason.

4. The Restoration of Corporal punishment for serious violent offenders, persistent burglars, sex pests and drug dealers.

5. Withdrawal from the morally and financially corrupt European Union. We can trade with Europe fine, but England is and should remain an independent nation.

6. The abolition of all non-European faiths and religions along with the removal of all their mosques and temples.

7. An end to all forms of animal cruelty, including the barbaric Semetic and Islamic methods of killing animals, animal experimentation and battery farming.

8. The teaching of the traditional English and European history in our schools.

9. The teaching of healthy moral values including full support for the traditional family unit.

9. The withdrawal of funding to and the closure of all anti-English politically correct quangos – including the BBC. Profits from National Lottery money should be spent on our people for the benefit of our people – not politically correct causes.

10. Pensioners who have worked all their lives for the good of this country should continue to receive free bus transport, as well as free rail transport, and would be freed from the burden of having to pay council tax, gas and electricity bills. They would not and should not want for anything. The money would be found by cancelling all grants and funds paid to those organisations whose existence is detrimental to the physical and spiritual well being of our society.


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