The Individual Capitalist Party Manifesto


‘A logical society for independent adults’


For far too long the populace have been treated as children, unable to be counted on to prepare for their own future & seen as needing other people to look after them. This must be stopped as the current situation takes money from the responsible & gives to the irresponsible, ensuring that the trend of not aspiring to a better life & dependency on the state continues.




‘Your money to spend where you want’


We will work towards the goal of a basic rate of annual income tax for all of 10%, based on the principle that people should only be forced to pay for essential services (the armed forces & emergency services). This will be achieved by not allowing new long-term benefits & as the current benefit claimants graduate from the system, taxes will be gradually reduced. In the long term enormous savings will be made by making all social services paid for by voluntary contributions only, based on the principle that no-one should be forced to give money to others. Central to this & to allow it to work, contraception & abortions will remain freely available to all. To enable immediate cuts in taxation all rehabilitation programmes will be scrapped.

Social security will only be provided to those made redundant, furthermore if a particular industry suffers heavy losses due to unavoidable circumstances those people affected should be supported while they gain new qualifications to be employed in a different sector. This strategy will enable people to stand on their own two feet like adults, planning & preparing for their future, yet helped when circumstances beyond their control affect their lives.

The gradual tax cuts will eventually lead to all sold goods having a VAT rate of 17.5% (including fuel). For greater transparency of spending, taxes will go where they are claimed to be going: e.g. motoring taxes to be spent on road maintenance, road tax will be scrapped & the taxes on fuel will pay for road maintenance.

To save more tax burden all government pension schemes will be revised & excepting those already retired, pensions will be given to the individual in full & they can organise their own future stability. All private companies will be strongly encouraged to follow this line, providing greater freedom for all UK residents, in addition, employees will loose all staff benefits (besides business trips) resulting in no sick or holiday pay. To compensate, hourly rates will increase to reflect these changes; in effect everyone will be working for themselves, to have the freedom to spend money where they want & to provide for their own future. Inheritance tax will be scrapped, as will the proposed carrier bag tax.




The pointless environmental ‘carbon crusade’ will be abandoned, as the UK accounts for 2% of CO2 emissions & is irrelevant to other global contributions & the present effect is a less competitive UK business market.




Education will be free to all (except those serving time in prison) at any point in life; however there will be no grants system. Schooling will become voluntary so that resources are not wasted on those who will not gain anything from school. Social responsibility is the job of parents & as such schools will not teach pupils basic civil courtesies nor tolerate anti-social or criminal behaviour & permanent expulsions may be put on individuals.

All academic papers that are government funded will be made freely available to all (the people who paid for the studies in the first place) on the respective university/universities websites.




Prison funding will take a shift from being paid for by the law-abiding to making prisoners work to pay for their keep (which will be made the basic required) through labour sold to private companies, this will benefit society & the prisoners by gaining skills. Prisoners will be able to decide where their excess earned money goes (within reason) e.g. may want some to go towards a family that they’re away from.

Most importantly, prisoners’ sentences should be made to include full financial repayment of the victims’ court fees, any money stolen etc during course of criminal act & lost earnings, however long it takes, thus reducing the amount the taxpayer must subsidise. In relation, all legal costs of a court case will be made payable by the loser of the verdict. Criminals will be put to the bottom of all donor lists & those who live pro-social lives will be given preference.

As stated earlier, all rehabilitation programmes will be scrapped & those addicted to drugs will cold turkey, as rehabilitation does not work.




The NHS will be gradually replaced with private insurance schemes, the current system doesn’t make sense in that the more you earn, the more you pay. How is that a reflection of the likelihood of needing medical treatment? Insurance should be based on likelihood of cashing in a claim, just as with all other insurance schemes. (Average American paid only $3,281 for a family policy in 2007, equivalent to around £31.55 per week, when average NI contribution in 2000-01 was £31.63).

            This system will ensure less waste of other people’s money on non-essential medical resources.


                                                    Improvements to Democracy


Only those that pay council tax should vote (those that don’t spend their own money have no right to say how other people’s money should be spent). This is mainly so that criminals & various other parasitic groups cannot vote on their treatment or for laws that would favour a lifestyle that others have to subsidise.

            To bring the law-makers into touch with the lives of the people they represent ministers will only get expenses for business (travel, overnight stay & meals) all MP’s should pay for the all the items that the common man does, guaranteeing a government less reluctant to waste money.

            To ensure the voters get what they vote for the ICP would not make any major changes to laws or policies not mentioned in the manifesto without a public vote. This would be done by organising a simpler voting system to enable the public to decide on important matters.

            All current enforceable laws will be placed on a government website to enable people to understand exactly what their position is in the eyes of the law. This country cannot be described as free if the populous cannot explore the laws they are expected to live by & that they have paid for!




The current poverty level is a scam & ensures the government will always need to employ people to fulfil this role. At present the level is earning less than 60% of the median earnings, by this definition as the people at the top get wealthier more people all of a sudden are in ‘poverty’. Conversely, if the wealthiest individuals where to leave a lot of people would suddenly be classed as not in poverty, this imaginary ‘poverty’ line will be scrapped & made to reflect real poverty which fits a global definition: when one cannot afford the bare essentials in life – a place to live, clean water & food. Furthermore, no tax credits (lower taxes means ability to save more) & scrapping of the current ‘Children’s Plan’ – these are parenting issues & the government has no right sticking it’s nose into people’s lives.


                                                         International Relations


Continuation of relations with other countries will continue, however more emphasis will be placed on what the UK taxpayer will get out of the deal & non-reciprocal relations will be reviewed. In relation, aid will not be given to countries that are intolerant of freedom, or where information shows that the people it is intended for are not receiving it unless it is in the wider interests of the UK, which should be explained at the time by MP’s.

            No more will the rest of Europe take liberties with a lax immigration policy – we will take no more asylum seekers & only permit skilled workers into the country.