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The Blackheath Bugle dammed the hustings held yesterday (Monday  26/04/10)  with faint praise.  The  contributions from the candidates of the three main parties were described as a  series of lectures” the sentiments of which were “brilliant and well meant, but  totally unnecessary during a hustings”

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  • This is not a normal recession
  • This is not a normal election
  • This is not a normal election address

The main political parties are not talking much about creating jobs. When they do then, at best, it is only in terms of hundreds of thousands. If you think about it then you see that this is just not enough. The problem unemployment is at least an order magnitude greater than this.

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SYSTEM FAILURE: the economy and the political establishment are in crisis

  • Do not attempt to reduce public spending
  • Read carefully before voting for a major party

We all need: Homes, Education, Health Care, Pensions and... Jobs.The current crisis puts them all under threat. Emergency measures are required.

Those who got us into this mess won’t get us out of it. We have the resources to survive, if we use them. It’s our future, let’s get involved and take control. We need FIVE MILLION extra jobs to get the British people off benefits.

We can’t rely on the market – because the private sector is useless at creating jobs on its own. Between 1997 and 2007 six out of ten new jobs were dependent on state funding.

No cuts – any reduction in public spending will only increase unemployment and delay recovery.

Change the tax system – taxes must be simple, cheap to collect and based on ability to pay. Get rid of corporation tax and VAT. Increase income tax on £100,000 plus.

Help small businesses – by protecting them from unfair competition by giant multinationals, greedy landlords and ruthless banks. Small firms often give better value than their larger rivals. They also create more jobs than big firms.

Support British farmers – to produce decent food, using subsidies and science. Revitalise the countryside.

Reinvent manufacturing industry – Only manufacturing can provide the wealth and the jobs we need. Let’s revive it.

We’ve got to be green – but not in a half-hearted way – This is serious; just a bit greener won’t do. We need to be green in a total way. This includes re-thinking how we live and work.

Let’s put things together in a rational way – to create a new type of manufacturing industry that uses green, energy-efficient processes to produce green products. This means integrating cutting-edge science and technology into the industrial process.

Overseas – We must stand up to the US and the EU. Get our troops out of Afghanistan and back home to decent homes and jobs. Help other countries to protect their economies and reduce world imbalances.


Five ways to get FIVE MILLION extra jobs

  • Stop private companies milking the state – end all private contracts in the NHS, the prison services, police, army and civil service. This will allow public employees to concentrate on improving services
  • Protect our economy by managing our imports and the exchange rate of the pound – this is the only way we can create an environment for the rebuilding of British manufacturing
  • Take control of our core industries – renationalise energy, water, transport, telecommunications, steel and shipbuilding – and expand them.
  • Tame the City – the current financial system is so unstable and capricious that it is a threat, not just to itself, but to everyone. We need to: reinstate controls on the movement of capital; provide small businesses with a reliable source of finance through local authority banks; use the Post Offices for ordinary bank accounts.
  • Stand up to the EU – just about everything we need to do both locally and nationally is against some EU law or directive.

Saying what we want in Lewisham is as easy as ABC

A. Abolish the mayor

B. Build council houses, health centres and schools

C. Create secure jobs by ending contracting-out

D. Defend small businesses against the multinationals

...Doing it is a bit harder

First we have to get rid of the mayor-centred system. In Lewisham, unlike most other boroughs, the mayor makes all the decisions. What your councillors think is irrelevant, their votes count for nothing.

Of course we can have a referendum to get rid of the mayor. But only if the mayor agrees to call one. So before we can get the council to do anything we need to get our own candidate elected as mayor. This is John Hamilton. Once elected he can organise a referendum and return power to
your councillors.

Then we can start on the real changes, to create properly paid jobs and apprenticeships by:

  • Bringing council services in-house – eg school meals
  • Reclaiming our land – for new schools etc.
  • Building new council houses – to provide better housing
  • To save MONEY – by cutting out the ‘skim off’ to profiteers and their consultants

Three small problems:

1. Just about everything worth doing is against government policy or some EU law or directive.

2. The council depends on central government grants for most of its income.

3. We are in the middle of a massive economic crisis and spending is being CUT not increased. The only solution is to take on the politicians nationally.

That’s why I’m standing in Lewisham East.


A vote for me isn’t a waste: it’s a warning and a sign.

All the major parties are hell-bent on making savage cuts in public services. I say, ‘NO CUTS’ (except in MPs’ pay – £31,000 maximum – the national average).

In a normal election a rank outsider like me, without the resources of a national party and media coverage, would only get a few hundred votes. But what I lack in cash and coverage I make up for in solid economic arguments and word-of mouth support. If I can get a significant vote it will make them think twice. Make your vote count!


George Hallam is not a hippie-dippy, wishy-washy, trendy-wendy, namby-pamby, airy-fairy, looney-lefty, whingy-nimby. He comes from Birmingham.

George has lived in the Lewisham area for 30 years and works locally. He worked in British industry when it still existed. He is married with a teenage daughter.