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"And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm. So help me God." —  from the Oath of Allegiance in the English Bill of Rights, 1689

The Libertarian Party is committed to reassert the primacy of our Bill of Rights and Common Law system over the Napoleonic system that has encroached from the continent in recent years.


European Union Membership

The Libertarian Party would take the UK out of the European Union. There are a myriad of reasons why straightforward trading arrangements with our European friends would prove economically more beneficial to UK citizens and businesses than full membership, but purely financial matters should not be our overriding concern. What really matters is our sovereignty—the ability for the UK to make its own decisions in its own interests. We find ourselves today in a position where EU law takes precedence over our own, and where EU rules and directives control the daily lives of UK citizens.

Incredibly, it would actually be legally impossible for the Libertarian Party to implement much of the manifesto that you are now reading if we remained within the EU—even something as fundamental as our national VAT regime is now determined at a European level. Whilst the UK remains part of the European superstate, it is largely irrelevant which party is elected to Westminster; the hands of our national politicians are tied by the faceless bureaucrats in Brussels. That's simply ridiculous, and we believe that decisions about how the UK is governed really belongs to one group of people, and to those people alone—the citizens of our country.

Parliament & Politics


Political lobbying by business, NGOs, charities and the like has the potential to subvert governmental decision making. The lobbying 'industry' is so tightly bound with the political class that the practice of politicians performing favours for outside interests and then, at a later date, joining their ranks (and vice versa), has come to be widely perceived as the 'revolving door' problem.

The Libertarian Party has determined to adopt the framework on Lobbying as proposed by the Alliance For Lobbying Transparency. This framework is as follows:

How to ensure Lobbying Transparency

How to increase trust in decision-making

The Libertarian Party shall augment the above to state that the cooling off period be no less than one parliament in length and that it be extended to employment in a company involved in a sector that the minister, MP or senior official had been involved in, e.g. Select Committees. Further, that any entity be considered to have potential for lobbying, including NGOs, charities, Unions or groups of any kind.