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Free Markets

Libertarians believe passionately in free markets. And when we say 'free markets' we mean exactly that—people and organisations trading freely, honestly and voluntarily, for the benefit of all. Some lobby groups use the term 'free markets' to mean the economic rule over us by faceless corporations. Such corporatism (sometimes called political capitalism) in anathema to libertarians, and many of our policy proposals are squarely aimed at tackling this abuse of the honest marketplace by the corporate/state hegemony. Of course, any attempts to reform our economic system would founder if we ignored one of the major underlying structural issues; the question of how our money supply is created. Monetary reform is addressed below, and the case for it is further explained in this video.


Policy Highlights

Income and Corporation Taxes


Monetary Reform

The Libertarian Party are proposing sweeping changes to the monetary system within the UK. Background information and further details may be found here.

Green Taxes


Public Sector Borrowing Requirement


Wages & Pay