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We have a de-facto State monopoly with excessive control over education, which needs to be removed. Our aim is to enable parents to hold schools to account and, if found wanting, to take their business elsewhere. We also reject the concept of "educational conscription" that forces people to remain in education until 18.

A Scholarship For Every Child

We shall move to a voucher system similar to that in Sweden, coupled with what we believe to be an essential component of any successful voucher system—the ability for people to found schools wherever they wish and for existing schools to opt out of direct State control. We do not envisage a mass sell-off of State assets, but a switch to independent not-for-profit and private entities competing openly.

Funding and Accountability — Primary and Secondary Schools

State Funding/Vouchers To A-Level

No age limit imposed, so students can re-enter formal education after previously leaving before taking exams.

Roll Back Targets

We call for an end to centrally imposed targets, many of which devalue education and educational standards for all.

Freedom For Exam Boards

Tertiary Education

Due to our proposal to abolish Income Tax, the contention over the charitable status of some educational establishments will become irrelevant in most cases.