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As a party we are committed to establishing the free movement of goods, capital and people. However, the free movement of people into the UK is not yet practical while we have both a large welfare state and most other countries are themselves not broadly Libertarian in nature.

As soon as it is practical to establish free movement between individual countries we will do so. To expedite this we aim to establish bilateral agreements with nations to enable bidirectional flows of people similar to that between Australia and New Zealand. The more the distortions of the Welfare State are negated, the more we will be able to enter into bilateral arrangements.

A free flow notwithstanding, any Libertarian government will reserve the right to eject or refuse entry to foreign nationals convicted in a court of law as part of the Government's prime role in protecting the population and maintaining Rule of Law.

Until bilateral arrangements are in place, and in line with the Rule of Law, a transparent and consistent points-based system is one of the key measures that we are proposing.