My campaign manifesto

An MP who is not part of this community cannot effectively represent us
You cannot parachute someone from London into this constituency and expect them to be an effective MP. An MP who does not live here is not affected by the things that are important to those that do.
I live here, our children have been to local schools, we use local hospitals, we use local roads - my family and I are part of the community.

I will answer only to the people who elected me - I will answer only to YOU
British democracy is based on the tradition of a local MP representing a constituency. Professional politicians whipped by a party machine run counter to our history. A professional politician does not answer to the people who elected them. They answer to the party that gave them a job.
I will answer only to the people who elected me.

I am not a professional politician, and I am not looking for a job
If politics is just a "job", then unsurprisingly professionalpoliticians focus on what is in it for them. They are just interested in pay, expenses, and all the other perks and benefits that go with the "job". Professional politicians will always abuse the system. The electorate is just a means to an end.
I am not looking for a job.

I will not always do what is popular, but I always try to do what is right and fair
A professional politician owes his job to his party, not to you, and he will do as his party tells him. He does not care what you think.
I live in this constituency, and I will listen to what you have to say.

We need an effective advocate of our interests at Westminster
There are threats of severe cuts to our services after the next election. An MP who does not live here will not be motivated to fight effectively and to put our case forcefully. A professional politician always has to be careful not to offend his party if he wants to keep his job.
I do not need to mind my p's and q's. I cannot be threatened or bribed by the whips. I will be a powerful advocate for my community.

Send a clear message to Westminster - 'we are tired of being taken for granted!"
This is not a "rotten borough" - the people of this constituency elect OUR MP, he is not selected by any particular political party. Only the people who live here have the right to decide who will represent us in our nation's parliament.
If given the honour, I will not take the people who elected me for granted. I will be a powerful and passionate voice. We will be heard.

Let your voice be heard. You deserve better.

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