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On May the 6th 2010 the electorate of this country have a unique opportunity to make a change. As a CANDIDATE for this election you will need to know what I think, what I believe and what I intend to do.

Medway Independent Party. This is a small grouping which emerged from the Old Anchorian [Rugby] Club. Medway Independent is the place for independent-minded people, those who see no differences between the major Parties

I do not intend to be a party politician. You, the electorate, need an MP who is there for you, NOT any Party.

As the election is currently cast, itís a toss-up between Labour & Conservative. However, Ladbrokes are giving this Independent odds of 100-1 to win. Fancy a punt?!

So there you have it. Machine politician, which equals no change. Or independent professional like me, who equals real change

Uniquely, I focus my campaign on education. I believe that without engaging the kids of today we will lose our future. We must re-engage our children within our Society. We cannot keep on with this relentless drive of crime and anti-social behaviour. I have unique experience in the field. My work is as a Professor, specializing in the Humanities at Kobe University, Japan (Maritime) My work is for socially deprived children in Alaska. This can be brought to Gillingham and focused on our flawed education system in the UK. It used to be a benchmark for education, but now each successive government tinkers and changes at a whim, leaving our children in a minefield of red tape and bureaucracy.

We of Gillingham & Rainham are united in wanting our children to become the best that they can be. They are - after all - the future, all of it. School routinely allows children to leave without any hope of qualification. This must end. With your backing we can do this.


Now, I'd like to tell you what I aim to do for my hometown

Here are some points:-

Point: JOBS

The most urgent issue, as I see it, is JOBS, JOBS and JOBS. The need for ALL our children is to be connected with good jobs. As a parent, I too have had to confront the issue.

Point: KIDS

Without our say so, our kids have become the "Most examined children in all the world." Who decided this? Educational bureaucrats and their incessant testing, always testing. Results: reportedly sent to the USA for marking!! What nonsense.
This candidate believes in the innate greatnesses within all our children. I believe they have the same capacity to make history as their historic forebears -- that is if given the chance.
As a top international research professor I developed an alternate way by which ALL our children can reach success, not just those ticking the boxes on school tests all the time. No other candidate has a clue how to go about this. Let our community lead the way, and nationally!



Many of you have a greater understanding of our community than any career politician ever can. But does anybody in Authority ever listen to you? On my forays about the constituency I have met exactly none. Our often superb local knowledge is, as a matter of course, fully disregarded. Our fears and concerns are similarly treated with contempt. YOUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD.

The first thing I would do as MP is that EVERY, single idea presented. I WILL respect. No idea will be allowed to drop until a full response. How? By appointing to each single idea, a single, designated volunteer to carry your idea forward to an achieved conclusion.


I am passionate on Medway's unique heritage and culture. The Council has not shown anything like the necessary will to protect our heritage, which is under threat it seems every single day Just look around you. Read the press? I do not trust them to demolish a single historic structure, without the say so of local residents and others who love our community. In short, I trust the wisdom of our people. I no longer trust unknown twenty some things, to tell us what to do. Many are not even from this area. These are those who make decisions on "our" behalf.

Point: PUBS

Pubs are more than drinking places. They are genuine geographical markers, some reaching back to olde England. To help preserve our historic treasure, I would an arrangement the big supermarkets - in this one special case - to desist from selling alcohol. Our pubs hold an important part in our world culture.


Every single industrial process (in the world) needs to be re-engineered for environmental health. Gillingham Business Park already has the capacity to do this. I would seek such as a revenue neutral carbon tax to trigger this. This would lead to many more good jobs in our area.

Likewise, I wish all homes to be environmentally sound. That means help for some householders. Again, more jobs.


Medway fireman helped save the lives of Haitians in the earthquake. As part of our Medway's international face, let us salute the peerless courage of those dug from the ruins. Invite the 100 plus who spent more than a day under rubble, for a warm welcome in our fair city!


Gillingham based Royal Engineer's museum has one of the finest medal galleries to be found anywhere; most are campaign or participation medals. As MP I would privately then be able to finance such a medal to each Olympian, The Gillingham Participation Medal. I would focus these on all the athletes of Japan, as our sister nation. This is via the greatest Elizabethan, Gillinghamís William Adams.


I would seek to get Mary Magdalene Church, on Gillingham Green, officially designated a Japanese historic treasure. Their hero Adams was baptised here.

Finally, dear friends of hometown Gillingham & Rainham. You hold in your hands this election a historic chance. Itís down to either:- machine politician (equals no change) or Independent professional (equals real change) That is why I request your vote. THIS IS WHAT I FIGHT FOR.

Warm regards to you all, and thank you for your time,

George Meegan





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