The Manifesto


The vast majority of people are concerned about immigration.
The Middle England Party will have a period of nil immigration, stop the unfair benefits system which favours those from abroad, and coach those who choose to live here to understand and live by our rules and customs. We will build a ‘multi racial society’ [not multi cultural – which has been an appalling mistake and a disaster for all] based on the British way of life. One Nation, One code of Conduct.

Single Mothers-Perpetual Handouts

The Middle England Party will stop all benefit payments to any mothers under the age of 18. The maximum number of claims for any individual over 18 will be for 2 children. There will be no other benefits. It is absurd that the tax payer funds the immorality and irresponsibility of the few. If you want to have babies – go ahead – but don’t ask the tax payer to fund them.

Law and Order & Human Rights

The Middle England Party will put back in place the Death Penalty. It is not ‘right’ to ask the tax payer to keep the worst offenders in relative comfort when the families of those destroyed by their actions have no way of gaining ‘closure’ as a result of the perpetrators behaviour. It is not about revenge, it’s about justice. If you abuse other people’s ‘rights’ you relinquish your own.

The Middle England Party will also change the current sentencing system; e.g. 15 years means 15 years, not 7 years with further options to be out ‘on parole’ even earlier. Prison must be seen as a deterrent – not as a break in proceedings in comfortable surroundings!


The Middle England Party will stop all sex education for those under 12 and will ensure the right to discipline is given back to the teachers. Disruptive pupils will be withdrawn from their class and their parents held responsible for their actions.
Respect, responsibility, courtesy and manners will be added to the curriculum and more emphasis will be placed on the original 3 ‘R’s’ (Reading, writing and arithmetic’s) Computers will not be seen as the replacement for inter -personal skills.

Family Values

The Middle England Party believes the core strength of all communities comes from families taking responsibility for their actions, not relying on ‘State Intervention’. The elderly have the skills and experience to guide and coach the young; the young have the opportunity to learn from, and respect and care for the elderly. As capitalism continues to ‘shrink’ it is going to be even more vital that families and communities become the bedrock for our very survival.

The Banking System

It is not right for those who are in the business of ‘casino banking’ to bring the nation to its knees by ‘gambling’ with toxic debt in such a way that the tax payer picks up the tab when the ‘bets’ fail and then the ‘gamblers’ rebuild ‘profits’ to make huge bonus’s whilst sticking two fingers up to the people of Middle England. The current ‘regulation’ of the banking system is not working. The Middle England Party will ‘split’ the banking operations so those who want to gamble do so at their own risk without putting the hard earned savings, investments and capital of the vast majority of people at risk once again.


The Middle England party will withdraw from the ‘European Community’ in its present form. Our entire way of life is being undermined by unelected autocrats in Brussels and our current major political parties are unable or unwilling to stop this cancerous and insidious drain on our way of life.



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Rebuilding Broken Britain