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Immigration: The National Front is the ONLY party that would stop all immigration and start a policy of phased repatriation.
Britain is now so overcrowded that just cutting immigration is not enough. Immigration must be zero with the NF's phased repatriation plan put into effect on the election of a National Front government and the passing of a Repatriation Bill.
The NF believes Britain belongs to the truly British folk of these islands. 
European Union: The National Front is campaigning for a complete withdrawal from the Dictatorship of the EU and the restoration of full British sovereignty. The NF would be rebuild the White Commonwealth of Nations as a world economic and political power block with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Gibraltar, The Falklands and the encouraging of a homeland for the White people of Africa which would be invited to join the White Commonwealth of Nations.
Afghanistan: The National Front would immediately withdraw British troops from Afghanistan. British troops should not be dying for Globalist, Internationalist interests.
Political Corruption: The National Front would sweep out all the corrupt politicians of Westminster. The NF believes all the old gang parties are the same and there is no place for thieves, liars and hypocrites in our National Government. The National Front would replace false liberal-democracy with true British Democracy.
Overseas Aid: The National Front would stop the wasted billions of pounds given is Overseas 'Aid' and spend the money on our own folk especially pensioners and Britons who are in real need.
The Economy: The National Front would totally revitalise the British economy by rebuilding British capital industry; stop the flood of sub standard foreign imports; shut down overseas call centres; get Britain back to being a Nation which produces rather than what it is today - a fourth world service economy run by International Bankers.
Health: The National Front would make the rebuilding of the NHS a number one priority with especial emphasis on training and recruiting first class health workers and doctors from our own country and not importing medical personnel. This is lowering standards and endangering patients lives.
Defence: The National Front would reverse the winding down of our armed forces and bring back National Service. The NF believes only a well defended Britain with a top class army, navy and air force can stand up for itself in an uncertain world.
Crime and Terrorism: The National Front would reintroduce Capital Punishment and stop soft option sentencing of violent criminals. We would stop importing crime by stopping immigration and any non-British criminals would be immediately deported  on completion of their sentences. The NF would crack down hard on terrorism with such measures as the banning of the burkha and a crack down of anti-British extremist fundamentalism.
Education: The National Front would end through its policies the destruction of what was once the finest education system in the world. The NF would tolerate only the teaching of the English language in our schools and would return to traditional and sensible teaching syllabuses. The NF would sack all teachers promoting Marxist ideas in our schools.

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