Procapitalism: Ideas too big for lesser parties to steal...

Charles Smyth
this 2010 General Election
Updated: April 03, 2010.




A vote for Procapitalism, is a vote for action.

1. Take action to decriminalise the selling and use of drugs.
2. Take action to reduce the duty on fuel, alcohol and cigarettes to the same rate as VAT.
3. Take action via the EU Commission to remove the obstacles that prevent Northern Ireland's motorists from insuring their vehicles at the same cost as motorists in London, for example. Especially young drivers who are enormously penalised, in comparison to their EU counterparts.
4. Take action to improve compliance with the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) which is too much abused, even if that abuse legally complies with EU rules.
5. Take action to improve the ability of local entrepreneurs to take action themselves, so that the economy can become independent of the block grant of £12.5-billion.
6. Take action against the wilful misuse of anti-terrorism legislation. Especially to thwart the phenomenon of Judge Shopping, which enabled scandals such as Operation Rize to occur.
7. Take action to eliminate the practice of pension schemes being linked to the employer and one's employment. Especially for government employees and the government. This is to make it less difficult for employees to move from one employer to another, and to eliminate the misuse of pensions.
8. Take action to have the police be more representative of the Chinese and Polish communities.

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