Our Manifesto

Unlike other political parties, we're not going to tell you what's most important to you in a top-down manifesto. Instead, we're setting up a social network that anyone can join to discuss the community-led solutions that inspire you, and how they could be supported by national level policy. In the meantime though, here's some of the best ideas we've seen being suggested by the other parties, and some of our own that no one else is talking about yet:

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Useful Links

Who Shall I Vote For?

http://votematch.org.uk/ designed to help you with determing your voting preference for the election
http://www.voterpower.org.uk/ find out how powerful your vote is compared to the UK average
http://ratemytory.org.uk/ is a new website from Progress aiming to rate every Tory candidate against ten progressive categories and give them a Progressive Rating ahead of the next election.
http://mygayvote.co.uk/ shows the amount of support received from each party on important LGBT issues


http://mydavidcameron.com/ create your own spoof Conservative poster http://mylabourposter.typepad.com/blog/ create your own spoof Labour poster http://www.slapometer.com/ slap the leaders live during the leadership debates

Democracy Projects

http://skeptical-voter.org/wiki/ This site intends to identify which parliamentary candidates embrace the use of evidence as a means to inform their decisions and which prefer to obfuscate, ignore or suppress the evidence for political convenience.  http://envirowiki.org.uk/wiki/Category:MP_Profiling creating maps of non-party political policy pledges http://www.writetothem.com/ Contact your Councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs, or Northern Ireland, Welsh and London AMs for free http://www.theyworkforyou.com/ keeping tabs on the UKs parliaments and assemblies
http://www.yournextmp.com/ This is a place where you can learn more about your candidates and share information with other voters. http://www.thestraightchoice.org/ monitors claims on election leaflet.
http://www.democracyclub.org.uk/ is a non-party-political group of volunteers aiming to hold candidates to account and stimulate public engagement. http://theelectionproject.co.uk/ photographic project about political life in Britain at this crucial time in our history of democracy
http://www.metagovernment.org/wiki/Main_Page aims to support the development and use of Internet tools which enable the members of any community to fully participate in the governance of that community
http://democracylab.org/ an experiment in direct democracy, powered by open source software.
http://nationbuilder.com/ an open source platform for running adhocracies on the internet.
http://zelea.com/project/votorola/home.xht software for building consensus and reaching decisions in public.
http://www.metagovernment.org/wiki/Good_examples more good examples.
http://beyondvoting.wikia.com/wiki/Beyond_Voting The BeyondVoting Wiki seeks an improved governance system for New York City
http://www.whitehouse2.org/ allows people in the US to set the nation's priorities.
http://city4all.org.il/english a new political party in Tel Aviv standing on a platform of environmental and social justice.
http://allindiapeoplesmanifesto.wordpress.com/2009/03/05/about/ 400,000 people contributed to a manifesto for change in the run up to the 2009 election.

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