9. National Service for Young Males:

A period of time in one of the armed forces that 16- to 17-year old males would have to serve will be introduced. This would be a period of 3, 6 or 9 months and would teach discipline, respect, physical exercise and a skill. Respect and discipline traditionally taught by parents and schools are sadly lacking in some youths in modern Britain, we are committed to restoring respect in those males who have none and whose only ambition is to cause as much misery to others as they can. This would have the added benefit of removing those that are intent on causing nuisance from our streets with the purpose of using the time they would spend in the armed forces to learn new skills that could provide future career prospects.

We know this works and we know that young males that have lived a life without discipline from either parents/guardians or their school always react positively to discipline when confronted with no other option and when their usual safe surroundings and friends are removed from their lives.

We have a chance under this scheme to turn some of the very worst young offenders around and avoid the constant round of court, community service or young offender’s institutions and then back to court. We will give young men this chance to make good and transform them for the rest of their lives.

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